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8 Do’s Post COVID Recovery: Check Every Right Here!

HomeWellness8 Do's Post COVID Recovery: Check Every Right Here!

The coronavirus epidemic is both a natural and social thing that has reminded the world in a new way that the health of people, society, and the planet are intertwined. The virus spread worldwide at an intensive pace, people’s livelihood is wrecked, and the economy is facing a crisis at the global level. Researchers and scientists are continually studying COVID-19 patients and their recoveries. They have information just on registered cases. However, they can’t count individuals who don’t get COVID-19 tests. Likewise, they don’t have data about the results of each patient. Nevertheless, considering the registered cases, the recovery ratio is much larger than the death ratio. 

Most corona patients recover within a few weeks, but many patients have continued the symptoms even after 2-3 weeks of recovery. A few weeks of self-isolation is recommended for all post covid patients. You may not get a chance to visit a clinic or salon for a basic skincare routine in quarantine. Instead, you can use at-home skincare tools. Due to infection, your face may seem dull, get calming effects using a skin-tightening radiofrequency machine; this would bring back your natural skin glow. 

As the number of patients recovering from coronavirus has increased, post-COVID care awareness must be spread to be alerted after recovery. It becomes essential to take extra care in post covid time. Check out all the things you’ll need after recovery and how to take care of yourself.

Take Proper Rest

Although you have recovered, most specialists recommend you to stay separated for an additional seven days. Specific reports have tracked down the infection in the patient’s body regardless of any symptoms. In context to that, allow yourself at least seven days of complete rest post covid. The more you rest, the faster you’ll heal. Sleeping hours must be extended, and the body gets enough space for recovery when we’re asleep. Please don’t try to indulge yourself in regular activities right after recovery. A lot of work, stress, and nervousness will make you sick. Stay calm and enjoy your free time. You may not get much rest after you get back your workings. 

Have a Healthy Diet

An apple keeps a doctor away- well-versed thought for eating fruit. Eat more fruits. However, Your taste senses will take time to get normal. You’ll not have a proper taste of any food in immediate post-COVID days. But a healthy diet must be followed. Ensure that you intake protein-rich food like eggs, chicken stew, Oats, lentils, nuts, and so forth. Keep in mind too much eating would create digestion issues. Also, keep your body hydrated, and drink enough water. 

Don’t Avoid Exercise

Your body may still have weakness, but a little exercise, a little movement in the body, will give you strength. Workout helps to circulate blood and oxygen in the entire body, so skipping a workout would be a bad choice after recovery. Fitness moves will freshen your mental state of mind, which is an extremely required thing after recovering from the corona. Lessen your workout time; before, you might be spending an hour in a fitness routine, but now you can do it for 5 to 10 minutes only as per your comfort. You can opt for the workout you love the most. However, apart from any workout you choose, breathing exercises must be continued for a long period after recovery.

Keep Checking Oxygen Level

Invest in an oximeter to check your blood oxygen saturation level. It may not cost you much but helps you to confirm the oxygen level even after proper recovery. Immediately consult a doctor if there are more fluctuations and falls below 90. Risks of lung damage may be involved, so don’t forget to note oxygen levels frequently.

Keep Hygiene

Hygiene is an important element. Instead of taking it for granted, one must try to improve hygiene standards with a few efforts like Changing your toothbrush, washing your hands, using sanitizer, etc. One must continue wearing a mask post covid for the safety of oneself and others as well. 

Track Out Symptoms 

Be quick in tracking the symptoms; if you note even mild changes in the body, don’t hesitate to consult your family doctor. Risks of lung and heart issues are expected. Slight problems must also be taken as a serious note that could save you from harming your body in the future. 

Avoid Negativity

Ditch the pessimist people in your contact (obviously virtual contact). When you have recovered from a deadly disease, your mental state of mind would be very sensitive to handle. Try to calm your mind and body. Experts have noted traces of coronavirus in the brain and neural cells. But to save any memory loss, you must indulge yourself in solving memory games like puzzles, sudoku, crossword, and so forth. These games would freshen your mood.  

Be Open for Support

A person recovering from covid 19 can donate plasma to another COVID-19 patient. Plasma therapy uses virus-fighting antibodies to cure the infection. Be an active helper once you have recovered from corona; you can save the lives of others by donating plasma. Let us all together deal with the coronavirus and show some humanity values. 

Don’t Get Irresponsible After Recovery

Once you are tested negative, don’t act childish and take mature steps to save yourself from unpredictable symptoms. Also, no studies have proved that a post-COVID patient will never get infected again with the same virus. If you don’t take proper precautions, coronavirus can enter your body again. Thus, wear a mask without fail. 

The Bottom Line

Post covid people are coronavirus warriors who can protect critical patients who are standing on the verge of death and life. Be supportive of each other and try to contribute as much as you can, in whichever way you can. 

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