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Here are the 7 Most Downloaded Apps

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When we talk about technology and its advancements, mobile phones are one of the first things that make away in our minds. Some say mobile phones are a necessity while others believe that they are a luxury, but whatever you think, they have become an essential part of our lives. The unparalleled popularity of mobile phones like airG scam-free phones is also enough to prove that these are some of the most revolutionary devices.

What made mobile phones even more popular was the advent of smartphones, the number of savvy phone users has been increasing every day, and different factors play essential roles in it. Mobile applications are one of those things that play a crucial role in the increasing number of mobile users. Mobile apps have been dominating for over a decade now, and it is incredible how there was no such thing as an app ten years ago.

Mobile apps are now being used for almost every purpose, from entertainment to fulfilling the most basic needs such as buying groceries; you can do everything with a mobile app. Developers know how important mobile applications have become for us, which is why they keep developing new features and coming up with different marketing strategies to keep everyone hooked to their apps.

Every year, app developers try out different things that help make their apps stand out from the rest and top the charts of most-used apps. As we are about to say goodbye to 2021, we have noticed that this year was not much different from the previous years as developers tried using the current set of circumstances to their benefit.

The pandemic allowed developers to strategize accordingly; however, 2021 was a mix of different app marketing strategies. Since we saw all kinds of apps take the top spot, let’s a look at some of the most downloaded apps of 2021.

1- TikTok

The success of this app is proof that videos are the next big thing and people are interested in videos more than any other form of entertainment. We have different video platforms such as YouTube and Netflix, but none compares with the unique form of entertainment that TikTok provides. 

ByteDance developed the app, and the purpose of this app was to create and edit short videos. However, TikTok has become something way more than that during the pandemic. It is now considered one of the best platforms that provide all kinds of entertaining performances such as dance, music, acting, and comedy.

According to numerous statistics, TikTok is the most downloaded app of 2021; in July, only TikTok got more than 20 million downloads on Android alone. This app has been downloaded more than 2 Billion times since it was released. Despite being banned by countries like India, Pakistan, and Indonesia, TikTok is still going strong and beating the records of some big names such as Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp.

2- Instagram

The next app on our list is one of the largest social media platforms; Instagram has 1.4 billion monthly users and is among the fastest-growing apps. Unlike TikTok, Instagram does not only connect with videos but also with pictures. Facebook owns Instagram; however, in 2010, it wasn’t owned by Facebook when it was released.

One of the primary reasons this app has so many downloads is because it is extremely popular with advertising; in addition to marketers, there are various types of individuals on the internet, including celebrities and professionals. Instagram provides numerous ways to keep in touch with their followers with features like Instagram Stories, Live, and IGTV.

Instagram has been one of those apps that takes inspiration from other apps, such as they took the idea of stories from Snapchat, and now they have brought their new feature, Reels which is just like TikTok.

3- Telegram

Whatsapp is an application that everyone mainly uses for communication; however, 2021 was when Telegram made its place in the market and gave tough competition to Whatsapp. The app is almost identical to Whatsapp as it allows you to send unlimited messages, media files, and documents.

Telegram is among the most downloaded apps of 2021 because Whatsapp tweaked its privacy policy and said it would share specific data with Facebook. This led 5.6 Million people to move from Whatsapp to Telegram; Whatsapp users also loved that Telegram never advertises its app for promotion. Telegram is designed on a similar algorithm as airG scam-free apps.

4- Zoom 

When talking about the most downloaded apps of 2021, we cannot just forget Zoom; with more than 40 million downloads in 2021, only zoom has become one of the most downloaded apps of all time. The credit for all the success of zoom goes to the pandemic; as the world started working from home, Zoom was there to dominate all across the globe. It even broke the record of most downloads in a single day with 3.5 million downloads.

The developers at zoom knew that their web conferencing feature was why people started using this app, but this didn’t stop them from bringing in new features that made the app even better. They introduced new features such as calendar integration, application recording, sharing, etc. a lot more.

5- Facebook

Whether Thanos is inevitable or not, one thing that we all must agree on is that Facebook is inevitable. It is the number one app in the entire world, and when it comes to the popularity of mobile apps, no app comes close to Facebook. It has been sitting on top of most downloaded apps for some time now, and the year 2021 has not been any different. Facebook has the most active monthly users, at 2.91 billion. Not only is the app used to connect with family and friends, but it is now also being used for business purposes.

Because of the pandemic, many individuals lost their jobs, which Facebook seized on by creating a job area for professionals to find work. Facebook is also now being used for business and advertising accounts; people get to promote their business pages for free with the help of Facebook.

6- Amazon

During the pandemic, almost every business went digital, and the e-commerce market saw a massive boom. Even though we are done with the pandemic, we can still see that many people have become comfortable with online shopping. When it comes to online shopping, one name that pops up everywhere is Amazon; it is one of the most downloaded apps of 2021, and why wouldn’t anyone download an app that offers a convenient shopping experience?

You can find practically everything on the app, and the platform’s variety makes it the most renowned online marketplace in the world; proof of Amazon’s success is its CEO, Jeff Bezos, who is the world’s wealthiest person. Another proof of Amazon’s success is the massive $125 billion that it made during the pandemic.

7- Snapchat

Snapchat is among the most fun and exciting apps out there; Snapchat has been consistently winning hearts with its unique features. Snapchat comes with a range of parts, but most of its idea revolves around the compilation of snaps that get deleted automatically after 24 hours. 

Snapchat is one of the most ingenious apps in keeping the users hooked with their “streaks” feature; it lets the users increase their score by sending streaks every day, keeping them addicted to the process as the score gives the users a sense of achievement. Snapchat has been one of the most downloaded apps of 2021 and has 280 million daily active users; the number of annual users also went up from 238 million to 293 million in 2021.

Final Note

These were some of the most downloaded apps of 2021, and as we saw, different factors played essential roles in the success of these apps; however, we can also see how much our collective actions can affect the global market.

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