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    Are you one of those who has been advised to undergo Root Canal Treatment by your dentist? Is the thought of it making you anxious?

    Most people who are introduced with the idea of Root Canal Treatment tend to avoid it. They have heard stories by people as to how painful and complex task it is. As a result, they are not okay to get it done. The thought of a needle being into your mouth and the dentist performing the task of literally getting into your nerves is enough terrifying.

    Yet the majority today feel the other way around. They are still living with the misconception that the procedure causes pain and illness hence, should be avoided. But what they don’t know is that avoiding the treatment is not a solution. It will further give birth to complications which could have been avoided.

    What people carry with them are the myths about root canal treatment which makes them anxious and prevents them from visiting a dentist.

    Myth 1 – The treatment is painful

    Since ages now it is believed that the procedure of RCT is painful and the pain is unbearable. If we were discussing this like decades ago then this would have made sense. But today with the advancements in dental technology and the introduction of new treatment options this is a story of the past. The treatment today is quite painless and comfortable. The use of advanced dental equipment has made the process easy. In fact, this procedure helps the patients to get rid of the pain which is already there existing.

    Myth 2 – The process of Root Canal Treatment leads to illness

    Many patients who visit the dental clinic often ask this question. There is a rumor which says that after you undergo the treatment, you are likely to become ill or get contracted to the disease easily. This isn’t true. There was a research done a century ago which stated so but with the introduction of modern dentistry and the improved dental treatment this claim was proved to be a false claim. Slowly the dentist understood the causes of various disease and made clear that such an issue does not exist. Now there is no scientific evidence which can prove this claim.

    You may check root canal North Brisbane to ensure that the treatment is as pain free and minimally invasive as possible.

    Myth 3 – Getting your teeth extracted is better than RCT

    The patients who are anxious as hell prefer extraction over RCT. They are in no mood to save the natural tooth. But logically saving your natural tooth is always considered as the best alternative. Getting your tooth extracted will cause the problem in the functionality and the looks. Having your natural tooth saved overcome all such issues. The success rate of root canal treatment is quite high today and lasts a lifetime. Moreover, having a missing tooth will lead to further complications and will demand a more complex and costly procedure.

    Myth 4 – Root Canal Treatment kills your tooth

    The root canal treatment is designed to save your tooth by removing the infection from your pulp. After the infection and bacteria are removed from the pulp, the cavity is filled to protect the teeth from reoccurrence of infection in the tooth. the process of RCT is to make the tooth healthy and protects it in the future.

    Myth 5 – One need to get the Root Canal only when your tooth pain

    Pain is not the only reason that you should undergo the RCT. Sometimes there is an infection in the pulp of your tooth but that does not elevate pain. This also does not mean that you should not go for the treatment. You might be surprised when your doctor says that you need to undergo the procedure. This is to prevent the infection from further damaging your tooth. If after taking an x-ray an abscess was found at the root of the tooth, then your dentist will go for root canal even if the tooth is not hurting.

    Myth 6 – Your pain will go away immediately

    Patients get the root canal done with the belief that as soon as the procedure is performed, they will get relief from the pain. In some case, this can be true, however, in some, the pain still resides though it will gradually decrease. For a few days, you will be suggested to take precautions like having light food or not chewing from that particular side. After that, the pain will vanish. If it stays for too long, then you need to visit your dentist immediately.

    So, if these were issues that were stopping you from undergoing this treatment, then we hope you are now sorted. If not, then visit your nearby dentist and clear all your doubts about RCT and also the doubt on root canal charges.

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