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4 Easy Ways to Make More Money Selling Your Home

Home Business & Finance 4 Easy Ways to Make More Money Selling Your Home

The busy home selling season is officially underway. While this is a great time to put your house on the market, it also means more competition. In order to make the most money out of your home, it is important that you put your home improvement dollar into the things that maximize value without costing a lot out of pocket.

Boost the Curb Appeal

Many prospective buyers will decide if they want to see the inside of a home simply by driving by it and checking out the exterior aesthetics. This makes it imperative that you put your home in the best possible light even from the outside. Adding some flowering hanging baskets, an inviting welcome mat, and some new shrubs can go a long way in improving its curb appeal.

Make it Shiny

A shiny and clean home conveys that the house has been well maintained. Start with the exterior by making sure that the windows and gutters are clean. The interior of the home should be free of clutter and other items that will make the home appear messy. Once the clutter has been cleared, you can get to work on deep cleaning every room. This effort will be rewarded with prospective buyers who recognize the value of a home that has been well taken care of.

Install an Aquarium

An aquarium in any room of the home immediately draws eyes and encourages people to stick around. This makes the addition of a classic aquarium a solid choice when looking to sell your home quickly and for high dollar. A high-end aquarium could cost $600 or more, but once it’s installed, it’s bound to impress potential buyers. Prospective buyers will be sure to remember the home with the unique aquarium.

Depersonalize the Home

You want everyone who walks through the door to be able to envision themselves calling it home one day. To achieve this goal, you need to depersonalize the home. Start by removing all personal photographs and other mementos. You also need to remove personal hygiene items or kitchen essentials that are personal in nature.

With the proper planning and execution, you will gain the peace of mind of knowing that you made the most money out of your home sale. The time and effort will be well worth it when you sign on the dotted line to close the home.

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