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7 Best Career Changing suggestions

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People change their jobs for several reasons. The most important ones are better incomes and the possibility to get a promotion or because they’ve gotten tired of the same monotonous job they’ve had for years. Some of them get the possibility to start their own business and do what they always wanted to. Nowadays you have at your disposal countless courses which can make you qualified for a new career and lead to a better quality of life and more satisfaction at work. Let’s mention some of the careers that you might be interested in. 

Personal trainer

If you like sports and you are a regular at the gym, why not convert this healthy hobby into a profession? Many fitness instructors started as amateurs. There are some basics when it comes to becoming a personal trainer. You must obtain a certificate and thus choose the type of program you want to be trained for. Once you can start, you can test your training skills on your friends and provide them with a couple of free sessions. This can be a good offer to attract some potential clients as well. You should set a good example and have a well-designed website or an Instagram account where you will post different content related to a healthy diet and exercise.

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Funeral director

It’s not one of the jobs anybody’s passionate about, somebody has to provide services to the families of the deceased. A mortician is there to offer all the services regarding the planning of the funeral to the family of a deceased person. These services include the logistics, transportation, the schedule of a burial or cremation, decoration, etc. There are different programs to choose from and they all include professional ethics, pathology, embalming, anatomy, counseling, psychology, and safety procedures while dealing with hazardous tissues. 


According to Forbes, recruiters are in demand since they are an important part of the hiring process for many companies. They are professionals who can negotiate with potential employees about the job requirements and other conditions. Similar to sales jobs, recruiting doesn’t demand any specific degree. It is more about conversational and other soft skills. This gives you a good opportunity as a beginner but take into account that the market is already very competitive precisely because it’s not demanding to enter this career. 

Makeup artist

This is one of the professions that are always popular. It is associated with creative people and a good eye for aesthetics and details. Whether you’re interested in opening a salon or you want to work as a scene makeup artist, specialist makeup as a new career can have a very good perspective. It can open some doors to the entertainment, fashion, film, TV, theatre & beauty industries. After an enrollment meeting, you will be informed about the necessary documents you will need to show. Your income in this profession should reach $26.22/ hour which equals $52,402/year. 

SEO expert

This is another job that you can become qualified for relatively fast since you don’t have to be an IT expert for doing SEO. There are many companies and small businesses that have their website and could use help when it comes to making their website positioned at the top 5 Google search results in their branch. SEO will stick around for a while since humans can still work with keywords better than a computer and can also understand how a potential customer thinks while searching the web. An SEO specialist makes around $41.48/hour. 

Social media manager

Just like an SEO specialist maintains the website’s positioning on Google, the social media manager maintains the online reputation of a certain business by taking care of its social media profiles on the web. This usually includes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, but recently there is also TikTok and who knows what next, since the sphere of social media and communication is constantly developing. You can start with a small business to gain some experience and then you might aspire to something better. It depends on your interest and the effort you put into thriving. $25.52/hour is a good motivation to invest your time into starting this career since it doesn’t require any diploma. 

Truck driver

Since the pandemics started, there has been an increase in transporting goods because people have started to massively order things online. If you don’t have a driver’s license to drive a truck, then this would be the first investment on your part to be able to start this career. Many companies don’t hire beginners but don’t let this discourage you. You can start with smaller companies to gain experience and as time goes by you will be able to move on to something better. The job itself has some disadvantages. People who have family, especially those with small kids have a hard time spending time with them when they’re on the road. However, for those who are not in that situation, it can be a good way of earning money and learning a skill that can be a backup even if you start some other career later in life. 


If you have chosen to leave your comfort zone and start something new, these 7 suggestions can be useful for you.  Of course, some previous knowledge is valuable when it comes to any of these professions, so you might choose something you are already familiar with. If you’ve had a hobby that you always wanted to turn into a real job, you could give your creativity a chance and try to see how it works. Driving, doing makeup, training, recruiting, are careers that can be started without a specific diploma, and the number of courses is immense, so don’t hesitate to learn something new and open some doors for better work opportunities.

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