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5 Best Famous Search Engines (Updated)

HomeInsights5 Best Famous Search Engines (Updated)

Google, The word itself speaks of the search engine that we use in our everyday life, and every query is searched on it, making it the top searched and used search engine in Asia. That being said, the search engine has become a platform for extensive information catering to millions of users worldwide.

That is why other famous search engines are available on the market that provides better features and a guarantee of online privacy. Let us see these renowned search engines and witness what they have to offer.


After Google, Bing is considered to be the most famous search engine that is somewhat similar to the reigning leader Google. Bing has a list of different tools that are more visually appealing, giving a better experience to users.

Microsofts Bing derives its searches by Yahoo, and the homepage changes background pictures frequently that displays beautiful sceneries, animals, sports, abstracts, and much more. Bing is known to project large thumbnails that offer a preview if you move your cursor over it and plays videos on the same page without opening a new tab.

Similar to Google, Bing also displays ads and the ability to translate content while being on the page, check spellings, give you flight tracking details, sports news, and much more. Accessibility of the search engine is far reaching as it has apps designed for iOS and Android.


Another big name in the best search engines list is Yahoo. Who doesn’t know about the search engine that was available way before Google was created. Yahoo was once the most famous search engine before Google came to being, and it gave useful searches to users.

Now the search engine works as a news aggregator, an online shopping portal, travel services, email portal, and much more. Yahoo being an old search engine hosts more than 38 languages which offer multiple categories in one go. It’s definitely worth a try if you are bored from the traditional search engines.


For Asians, having the best search engine is, and they prefer the second most popular search engine my demand; ‘Baidu.’ Baidu is a leading top search engine in China that have shaken the search engine market with its search capabilities. Some can say it is the Google of China.

The dominance of Baidu is questionable due to competition and China’s online restrictions, which forces citizens to opt for online security options to bypass strict censorship while using Baidu. Keeping that in mind, the service still incorporates multiple ads and extensive features in SERPs as well.


Another rich search engine is DuckDuckGo if you want to seek online privacy and remain off the grid. This search engine is the perfect alternative to Google because it offers more security features than Google does. The search engine doesn’t track or record online activities that lead to no ad targeting.

The wireframe and the interface of the site gather its results from Yandex Yahoo and other famed searched engines. Also, if you want, you can add a browser extension to the browser as well to keep your searches aligned and one click away.

The service is one of a kind having cool features like “bangs” that provides handy shortcuts where users can add their most frequently used websites. Whenever a website is being scoped, through DuckDuckGo, you can start a query by adding an exclamation mark, and it will automatically fall in extensions.

Don’t go by the name as is among the top tier search engines globally. As by Alexa ranking, the website is ranked number 2 in Russia and falls on the 20th position worldwide. This is a great tool that provides intelligent features coming from the tech company itself that powers the site through machine learning.

In Russia, the site has a market share of 52% that is a significant number having its default language in Russian. It can be translated into English or any other language, but the language plays a vital role, making it fall in the famous search engines.


We believe that Google is the ultimate search engine, and our daily routines don’t conclude without the use of Google. Whether it’s looking for direction or searching the best eatery, Google is the prime choice of online searches.

However, we cannot ignore the competition that provides far better features in their own categories. Go through the blog and see the famous search engines of this year and give them a try.

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