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Ways To Make Email Marketing And Instagram Work Together

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If you want to make your email marketing campaign a success then you will have to combine it with social media and make it work together. Easier said than done, there are a few specific ways in which you can do that.

In fact, experts say that all your marketing channels must work together and in the perfect way as it is only then you will be able to achieve your goals. This is because each of your marketing channels is a significant part of your greater marketing strategy. After all, all you need to do is leverage each of these channels and make it work what it does best. Here lies the trick.

You will first need to know the strengths as well as the weaknesses of each of these channels if you want to use any of it more effectively.

You will also need to know how to use each of your marketing channels properly and that includes knowing what works best for each medium.

When it comes to combining social media with your email marketing efforts, apart from a few exceptions such as Instagram, it is said that it is not a great place for:

  • Direct sales
  • End of a customer buying journey
  • Bottom of thefunnel conversions or
  • Whatsoever other terminology you may choose to use.

Fortunately, all social media platforms as well as the online marketing channels, in general, are considered to be islands where building a bridge between each is out of the equation. Each of these platforms have its own significant strengths which all marketers need to know and find the best ways to use these to their optimal advantage.

However, email marketing and social media are two of the most favorite ones. When these two are connected, the results are astounding. But first, you will need to know about each and then combine them together.


About social media

The social media is the most powerful platform that most marketers of today like and use extensively.

This is because social media is good at lots of things including:

  • Building a good brand recognition
  • Building a strong community
  • Building more brand loyalty
  • Increasing the conversion opportunities and
  • Driving the traffic back to your official website.

This is due to the fact that whether it is Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, all have their own specific algorithms that typically restrict the organic reach of the messages or posts.

You must remember that all these social media platforms are actually publicly traded companies now. Their primary business is advertising. Therefore, they are most happy to make you pay to get out your messages. However, this is not easy for the marketer to spread their message organically.

About email marketing

On the other hand, email marketing is much different when it comes to having control over things. In this process you virtually control everything, well almost. When it comes to sending an email, the fact “how to use it” typically goes beyond your understanding as to how you can use the platform of your email provider.

Just like any other social media posts that are usually written in such a way to generate more engagement amongst the users, emails are normally written in two parts such as subject lines and the body copy that encourages the recipient to open it and click on the links, if any.

The reason behind this is that email marketing is very good at different things such as:

  • Building relationships with your customers
  • Delivering targeted, precise and personalized messages
  • Converting your subscribers into prospective customers
  • Retaining the existing and loyal customers and
  • Delivering more upsell opportunities.

Actually, email is a useful and effective medium for getting more and more customers to the sales page as well as increasing the bottom of the funnel activities.

At this point you must remember that email is however the most preferred way in which most customers wants to receive business and transactional communications. Commonly speaking, email is the form in which most businesses makes offers and sales messages and people expect to receive it this way as well. Therefore, you will need to use it wisely to make the most of it.

Treating them as complements

Now, you may think that if email and social media are two different things and can be used for two different purposes then how as a marketer you can make them work together? Well, the simple answer to your question is that you should treat them both as complements irrespective of the fact that one is good and the other is weak.

However, just as Gramista does, you too can use each of these channels to build the other which in technical terms is known as cross-promotion. There are several ways in which you can cross-promote your channels such as:

You can use organic social posts as well as paid social ads so that you can endorse your lead magnets. If you have a valuable lead magnet and target well, it will help you to increase the subscriber list as and when your exposure grows.

You can use different social media app such as Beam for that matter. These apps will help you to create engaging animated social media posts with just a few clicks and publish them on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to endorse your product or brand.

You may also try out apps like Facebook web form integration. This will allow the recipients to sign up for your subscribers’ list directly from the social media.

In addition to that you may also leverage user generated contents across all social media channels. This will help you to build a strong community. These UGCs can be anything from reviews, Instagram images and posts from visitors to your social profiles. However, make sure that you ask always before using.

All these steps will make your email marketing campaign more fruitful.

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Walter Moore
Walter Moore
Walter Moore is a notable management consultant and digital marketing expert. He is an experienced digital marketer and has helped e-commerce businesses in all niches with his effective marketing strategies and guidance.


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