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Online Internet Digital Web Marketing: Introduction to Inbound and Outbound Marketing

HomeContent MarketingOnline Internet Digital Web Marketing: Introduction to Inbound and Outbound Marketing

Almost every business needs a website to promote their products or services. Customers usually undertake research online before making a decision to purchase products and services. A website allows for the business to be easily seen by customers and has a digital shopfront to always appear open for business.

However, you can have a good website with a sophisticated design and a compelling message and still not gain any new customers.

There are several methods available to ensure that people would find your website, but it could be divided into inbound and outbound marketing.

Many marketers and business owners might be familiar with these terms and might even be practicing them. These experts and practitioners would even make arguments which strategy is better. However, developing a strategy for a successful lead generation means having a solid understanding of both inbound and outbound marketing, then analyzing what works for your company specifically.

Before deciding whether to follow an inbound or outbound marketing strategy or even a mix of the two, this infographic by Landau Consulting explains the difference between these two marketing strategies, their advantages and disadvantages.

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