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How to Make Your Kids Love Their Appointment with The Dentist?

Home Wellness How to Make Your Kids Love Their Appointment with The Dentist?

A beautiful smile is one of the greatest assets that anyone can have. Naturally, it is most coveted since time immemorial as it helps to boost your level of confidence and also assists to create a positive first impression.

But in order to achieve the smile of your dreams you must take good care of your oral health and that does not include just brushing and flossing. You also have to go for regular visits with a reputed dentist who can detect any underlying issue in the mouth and treat it before it takes a toll on the oral health.

It is for this reason, that taking kids to the dental clinic is absolutely essential for promoting the significant oral hygiene habits and also to keep their teeth and gums healthy.

But from the point of view of the child, attending an appointment with a dentist can be a strange and scary affair. Afterall she has to lie down on the chair in an unfamiliar room filled with weird objects and unfamiliar sound with a stranger poking her mouth with metallic, cold and unusual instruments.

Again, as the children’s teeth go on falling out and growing, almost 10 trips are required to the dental care office before they start kindergarten.

Here are some ways to do that. Just take a look.

Begin Young–

You should make it a point to take the kid to the dentist as soon as she is 1 year old. The earlier you take the kids to the dentist, the quicker, they will adjust and learn that there is nothing to be afraid of. The longer you wait for your kid to see the dentist, there are more chances that your little tyke will develop false and negative conceptions and thoughts about the dentist. This can enhance the resistance of the child towards attending appointments with the dentist. Get redirected here for a wide range of dental care services.

Avoid Complications–

At the time of preparing for visit, especially for the first time, try to avoid too many details. Doing that will raise more questions and adding information about certain complicated procedures like filling can give rise to unnecessary anxiety in case of your child. You should start keeping a positive attitude but make it a point not to give false hopes to your child saying things like “everything will be ok!”. This is because if the kid needs to be treated, she will end up losing trust in you as well as the dentist as you have given her false hope.

Tell Them What to Expect–

Fear can arise if there is not full awareness of a certain place or subject. You can checkout the website of the dental clinic before visiting to show your child the pictures of the office.  You can also ask for a rundown of the appointment so that you can relay it down to the child. As you brush your child’s teeth tell her that the dentist may be doing the same kind of thing.  The child will feel more empowered once she has got all the information.

Make a Pre-Visit Appointment–

A week or a couple of weeks before the child has the appointment with the dentist, you should bring your kid into the dental office that can give an opportunity to her to meet the dentist and the staff. Your child will get to see the inside of the office and will get a clearer idea of what to expect.

Do Not Take Your Child with You for Attending Your Appointment with the Dentist–

Though it may sound as a good idea to take your kid along with you for your dental appointment and see that there is nothing to be afraid of, in the clinic, it may not turn out to be a wise decision unless yours is a family dentist. The boring and harsh environment of a dental office for the adults can enhance the fears about dental clinics in the kid that she already has. You may also be a bit nervous about going to the clinic as you may have some oral condition or may have got another crown in your last session. The kids can quickly pick up on fears and they will start dreading the dentist just because of your fear for them.

Be Present There–

Being physically present during the kid’s appointment at the best dental cliniccan contribute massively to her confidence level. Ensure that the person scheduling the appointment does not have any problem as you will be present during the appointment of the child.

The above are some of the things that you can keep in mind in order to make sure that your kid feels comfortable with her appointment with the dentist.

The author of this post is Sawoni Chowdhury.

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