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The Top 5 Highest Grossing Film Industries in the World

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So the global film industry was worth $136 billion as of 2018, but which industries are the highest grossing?


Hollywood continues to rank as the most popular and highest grossing movie industry in the world. In 2016, Hollywood generated $11.6 billion making it the most profitable globally. Some of the highest grossing Hollywood movies are Captain America: Civil War which earnt $1.5 billion, Avatar which earn $2.79 billion  and Avengers Endgame which took $2.791 billion. Fancy a cinema trip to see the latest Hollywood blockbuster? Visit Discount Promo Codes to get the lastest money saving vouchers for Cineworld. 

Cinema of China

However, whilst Hollywood continues to be the highest grossing movie industry, China is rumoured to take over the US for box office ticket sales. the US’s takings were at a 22-year low in 2018 and China’s ticket sales topped that of the US. According to MPAA Chairman, Charles Rivkin, China is building 25 screen a day, so there is no doubt that China will eventually overtake the USA’s reign in the coming years. Read more about China’s potential takeover here.

Cinema of the United Kingdom 

Whilst the golden age of British cinema was considered to be the 1940s, British cinema continues to be play a large role in the global movie industry. The UK’s box office takings were £1.1 billion in 2012. In 2016, the industry generated $6.5 billion in sales from film-making alone. Some of the UK’s highest grossing box office sensations include Harry Potter and James Bond. 

Cinema of Japan 

Japan’s film industry is one of the oldest in the world and takes a less commercial approach to film-making, instead placing emphasis on aesthetic value and creating powerful films. That’s not to say that Japanese films are not high earning. In fact, in the Japanese film industry earned approximately $2 billion in 2016. Some of Japan’s most popular outputs include Seven Samurai, Tokyo Story and Rashomon. 


Bollywood, also referred to as The Bombay Cinema is the largest Indian-Hindu cinema industry based in Mumbai. Whilst it is not the highest grossing film industry, it is the largest in terms of film output. Bollywood both makes more movies than Hollywood and sells more tickets. In 2016, Bollywood earnt $1.9 billion from its films. Some popular Bollywood actors and actresses include Aamir Khan and Priyanka Chopra and the highest grossing movies include Dangal (2017) and Bajrangi Bhaijaan (2015).

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