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How to Make Your Home Safe from Electrical Hazards

HomeWellnessHow to Make Your Home Safe from Electrical Hazards

Our homes are full of electrical devices. From the cellphone charger to the kitchen hood, all these devices are pretty safe to use but the danger of an electrical shock is always present. From exposed wires to handling devices different from the instruction manual. You need to do regular inspections and be aware of all potential electrical hazards around your home. The last thing you want is a fire breaking out inside your home while no one is around to put it out.

Extension cords are not a permanent solution

You might have bought a new gaming console but realized that you cannot place it where you originally imagined. A simple extension cord instantly will solve this and similar issues but this solution is only temporary.

Namely, only power outlets are considered safe enough for long-term use, so be sure to call a certified electrician to extra ones in the place where you need them the most. Extension cords are useful for campaign trips or patch-ups for a short period but they should not be used all the time; they were never designed for extensive use.

Throw away damaged power cords immediately

One of the biggest shock hazards that homeowners often decide to neglect is damaged power cords. Plugging in a device that has a hole in the isolation of the power cord can create a spark, setting off a fire or even worse, an explosion.

Apart from damaged insolation, cracked or twisted cords are also considered as defected and shouldn’t be used. If the damage isn’t too large, you can attempt a DIY using insulation or electrical tape that should be wrapped around the cord horizontally. 

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Unplug heat-generating devices after use

One of the biggest dangers inside the house are appliances that produce heat, such as the stove, water heater, hairdryer, iron, toaster, curling wand, kettle, etc. 

These can be particularly dangerous because the smallest of malfunction can cause the device to heat up until the self-combust or set fire to their surroundings. If you have ever held an iron too long on a shirt, you know what we are talking about.

A device that overheats will definitely catch fire or even explode, so unplug heat-producing appliances as soon as you’re done using them.

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Check if smoke detectors and alarms are functional

Even with all the precautions taken, a small fire is likely to occur at some point, especially if you have children who care less about fire safety than adults. In these instances, it is essential to fire detectors and smoke alarms are in perfect working order.

After you are alerted to the problem, you can react immediately, putting out the fire yourself or calling the fire brigade. Hiring residential electricians such as Sparkys NOW to perform a quick smoke alarm checkup will prove lifesaving in case of a fire, regardless of how benign it might seem at first.

Equipment grounding saves lives

Nearly all power cords come with the third prong that you might not think of as much right now. However, this prong can easily save your life because it sends an electrical surge away from the house and into the ground (the origin of the term “grounding”).

In fact, grounding is so important that if any of the “ground” prongs are missing, you must replace those cords and/or devices. Like most of the fixes on our list, these updates need to be carried out by a professional electrician.

If you’re inherited or purchased an older residential structure, then use the renovation process to inspect and upgrade the wiring inside the walls. Go here if you want to know more about the safety measures to take.

Don’t discard instruction manuals

Countless homeowners throw away the instruction annual of a device they’ve just bought together with the packaging into the bin. However, an instruction manual contains valuable info about the proper way to use a device or an appliance, even it was a simple computer mouse.

Always save the manual and read it at least once to get acquainted with the proper way to use the device you’ve just bought. If the device came without an instruction manual or you’ve already discarded it, then head to the manufacturer’s website to download the manual in the PDF format and perhaps register to get promotional deals.

Be alert for signs of trouble

As you might have already concluded from our advice regarding damaged power cords, electrical problems don’t occur out of nowhere. In 99% of the cases, there are clear signs that you have failed to notice but which were indicative of the problem.

Some of these include sparks every time you plug in a particular device, a burning smell while the device is plugged in, discoloration around a switch or a socket, an appliance (or its cord) that is hot to the touch, fuses blowing on a regular basis, a flickering light fixture, etc.

If you notice any of these signs of trouble, you need to react immediately and plug out the device and troubleshoot the problem. You should be able to change fuses yourself but some problems will require hiring electricians. Whichever the case, don’t ignore signs that something is wrong with your home’s electrics.

When it comes to electrical hazards, there is no such thing as a completely safe home. There is always going to be one or more risk factors but you can assuage them by having a certified electrician inspect the house’s wiring regularly.

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