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Table of contents

The short film – Ekhane (Here)

Log Line

This is a story of Revhu, 13 years old boy, an animal lover and other little boys like him who have become socialized with their family.


The result of Rivu has not been too good for his unmindful and he cannot keep the fishes as pet for his parent’s unwillingness and restriction. His father has broken down mentally, physically, economically for different kinds of problems of his family and even he becomes puzzle.

Rivu begins to pet fishes with his great interest and a little encouragement and cooperation of well known persons. One day the fishes lay fries too much. In this unique situation with great pleasure Rivu becomes acceptable to his family and nearby persons. In this way getting recognition from such important micro unit ‘family’ of social organization Rivu has been able to establish himself in greater society,  where  he and other little boys like him can become socialization and great indication which is shown in this cinema ‘Ekhane!’ (Here) gradually.

Remembering the history of cinema carrying the present this short film has given a glorious indication of future to society. This film has taken many problematic subjects to the top of successfulness in spite of different disadvantages.

Try to do best the film as far as possible has been fulfilled, using monochromic black & white, side by side speechless, Montaje, Surrealism , Golden rule, Rule of Third, 180 degree etc.

The film has stood on most ordinary and common sense and it is very easy, simple. Even it is encapsulated with social sense.

I am hopeful this has been accepted, is being taken and will be received cordially to mass.

Rivu is seeing the fish in side the Jar like before story of ‘Kothai’.

Next day Rivu is coming back with result. The result was not so good. So his father became very angry. Rebuking him he dropped down the fish with jar from table.

Hearing the sound his mother entered and taking out those she left beside the canal. She dropped the jar there.

Rivu’s sister, Abhisikta was looking from the gap of the tree.

After this Rivu goes almost everyday to that canal, looks to the broken jar and stream of water where the fish has floated away. His sister warns him from far off and on and tells, ‘Dada, don’t go there, there is Snake, Leech.’ Seeing his sister once and smiling a little again he travels in his own world.

Everyday his father goes to the close factory and seeing the notice and observing labor movement comes back. Coming near a tea stall he smokes a Bidi. He asks his known Akhilesh, if a room will be got in little amount. At that time he looks in a wall of that stall and sees a poster “Rental room will be got within own capacity”.  Akhilesh says that there is a store room. And he indicates by his hand, where the location of the store room is.

After ending the lunch when Rivu’s father is taking rest, then his mother tells his father that if he can not give the rest rent, then the land lord has told that he will not stay them there.

Rivu’s mother has a little money by savings. She gives that to the hand of her husband. In spite of unwillingness he has no alternative way, he  has to take that.

Calling the land lord beside the room, he pays his full rents and he informs him that they will leave the room within a short while.

He buys a small old shop of Pan-Bidi by the rest amount, though that shop does not run properly. Side by side he begins to sell the furniture of his room and receives money.

They go to that fish store room with some furniture and goods. At the entrance different feelings touch them.

Rivu’s mother is spreading a bed-sheet on the bed in their new house; Rivu’s father is cleaning the room. His sister is collecting the smallest color stones, sticks etc. Rivu is silently looking here and there. There are different sceneries like the scenery of dropping the jar of fishes in the eyes of father, collecting the jars from the floor in thinking of mother, the scenery of canal where his jar was laying.

As Rivu’s father is suffering from illness, he cannot go to the shop. Some neighbors take information from his mother and sister.

Rivu’s father has no income soundly, he is now mentally depressed and gradually he is going to sickness.

Rivu’s mother is setting a picture of God and Goddess Radha Krishna on the wall. She arranges a puza by Brahmin for family’s wealth in Tulshitala burning Dhup, Dhuna and Pradwip with sweets and fruits.  Her children and some neighbors are presenting in the Puza ground.

The staff of store room’s owner, Sirju goes there to take some Aquarium glasses. When Rivu’s father is sitting there, the staff watches the situation and goes ahead near him. When the staff goes conversation with them, then he asks Rivu, ‘ Rivu, are you not going to the field to play. Rivu nods his head.

Sirju asks him, ‘Will you pet the color fishes?’ Rivu looks him. He tells again, ‘The fishes will learn you more to tell, to build more things. Pet some fishes.’ Rivu does not give any answer.

Rivu’s parents hear him.

Sirju tells Rivu ‘ clean that tumbler and filling that with water, come to our shop’ when he will go back, at that time a friend of Rivu of next door house, Joy enters there hearing the speech of Sirju.

Joy encourages Rivu and cleaning the tumbler they decorate that with sand and stones and fill with water.

Rivu takes out all coins from his saving’s pot.

Two friends go to the ornamental fish shop beside the G.T.Road.

Seeing them Sirju calls them inside the shop. He is telling them the process at the time of keeping two pairs of Molly, Guppy fishes with some water plants in the packets.

Taking those they go back home smiling.

Rivu puts the Aquatic plant in the sand bed of water tumbler, after that he floats the fishes in the tumbler. Seeing the fishes swimming in the water freely they feel very happy.

After some days hearing the sound of knocking door by Doctor Uncle Rivu opens the door, taking him to his father he again comes back to the tumbler to see the fishes.

His mother comes near the door to hear the suggestion of Doctor.

Doctor tells her, ‘He is better than before’.

In the meantime Rivu sees more fries into the tumbler. Rivu is calling his friend loudly ‘Joy, Joy’. This is the first time Rivu calls loudly.

His parents, Doctor Uncle, Joy come near the tumbler.

All of them are smiling with pleasure besides his father. His father is watching the matter with smiling face from a little far.

Rivu is observing the fishes into the tumbler closely in holistic smiling face and is touching the water with his soft hand.

On behalf of Halder Films Chandannagore

Director : Patit Paban Halder

The Story Line of ‘Ekhane!’    (Here!)  

Patit Paban Halder

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