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5 Cocktail recipes to prepare at home this summer

HomeWellness5 Cocktail recipes to prepare at home this summer

Summer is here, and so are the summer woes. With scorching temperatures and sweaty afternoons, summer can be a testing time for most people. Although air conditioners have come as a welcome remedy for erasing the summer blues, these devices are not useful everywhere. From outdoor parties to beach visits, you cannot carry an AC with you.

Below is a list of 5 awesome cocktails recipes. All of these can be prepared easily at home using essential and readily available ingredients. These cocktails will ensure that your summer pool party is a hit. Most importantly, these are super-healthy and full of juicy and exciting flavors.


Daiquiri is a beverage that has rum and lime juice as the main ingredients. It is easy to make and very revitalizing. Rhubarb is the main highlight in summer flavors. Its sweet yet subtle taste makes for a great summer drink.

What happens when you combine the tangy flavors of the daiquiri with the rhubarb syrup? You can get a well balanced and delicious summer cocktail.


Ice, around 2 ounces of rum, 1-ounce fresh grapefruit juice, around ¾ ounce fresh lime juice and rhubarb syrup.

How to prepare it

You’ll need a cocktail shaker to stir and mix all the ingredients efficiently. Pour cracked ice into the cocktail shaker. Pour the lime juice and add sugar according to your taste. Pour the rum and rhubarb syrup into the shaker and shake thoroughly. Pour it in a clean glass. You can garnish it with a lime wedge. Instead of rum, you can also use the Bacardi Zombie for the punch and rejuvenation it provides.

2. THAI-BASIL Sangria


Sangria is a Spanish alcoholic spirit that gets its name from the word Sangre ‘blood’. The traditional Sangria flavors are a perfect blend of fine red wine and fruits. This version has the goodness of orange and the punch of Brandy. Combined with the cooling and healthy flavors of basil, this becomes a great summer cocktail.


For 12 serves

¼ sugar, ¼ water cups, around 8 Thai basil leaves, zest of one lemon and one orange, ¾ cup Brandy, ½ cup orange juice, ice, chilled soda and orange slices for garnishing.

How to prepare it

Boil the sugar and water in a saucepan and stir to dissolve the sugar. Remove the pan from the stove. Add the basil leaves and lemon and orange zest. Let this mixture cool off and stir regularly during the process. Remove and residue of lemon and orange zest if any.

Take a large and mix this syrup with Brandy, wine and fresh orange juice. Pour the Sangria into cocktail glasses, add club soda, ice and orange slices to garnish each slice.



Planning a girl’s night out? This soothing slush has got you covered. Margaritas are prepared with tequila and citrus fruit juices. A margarita strikes the perfect balance between the tang of lime, sweetness of orange liqueur and the strong taste of tequila. Sangria, on the other hand, is a Spanish beverage consisting of red wine mixed with lemonade and fruits.

With the abundance of flavors like these, this cocktail will keep you wanting for more.


For serving around 6 glasses


Red wine, Juice from one orange, lime juice and 2 cups of ice.


2 tequila shots, 1 can of frozen lemonade and 2 cups of ice.

How to prepare it

Balance the Sangria mixture properly and transfer the mixture to the refrigerator while you prepare the margarita mixture. Blend the margarita in a blender. Take a cocktail glass and run a wedge of lime along its rim. Carefully pour the layers of Sangria and margarita alternatively, one after the other. Use lime or mint for garnishing, and serve accordingly.



Feeling too full to finish your meal with dessert? This cocktail is what you need instead of a dessert.  The goodness of blueberries, fruity and spicy punch of the Irish whiskey, and cream, this smoothie cocktail has everything you need.  This drink is rich in vitamins and minerals. The ingredients will provide you with all the necessary nutrients required during the draining summer season.


Around 2 ounces of Irish whiskey, one egg, ice, ½ ounce of heavy cream, ½ ounce of simple syrup or you can also use a flavored syrup, freshly grated nutmegs for garnishing and three blueberries.

How to make it

Squeeze the blueberries inside a cocktail shaker. Break the eggshell and pour the egg yolks into the shaker. Add the Irish whiskey, syrup and heavy cream to provide the drink with the required texture and consistency. Add crushed ice and shake well till the mixture appears to be clear and consistent. Meanwhile, put the glasses into the chiller. Pour mixture into chilled glasses through a fine strainer. Place the nutmegs and blueberries on top for attractive garnishing.



Pineapples are nature’s most useful fruit during the summers. It is rich in vitamin C which is very beneficial in restoring agility in the body. Pineapples are also excellent for your skin. The rich water content present in the also keeps you hydrated against the tiring summer heat.

What’s better than drinking a cocktail full of amazing flavors and healthy ingredients, and that too inside a pineapple. This cocktail is super interesting, although it might take some time in preparation, it’s all worth the wait.


For two people

Two pineapples with sliced tops, four ounces of rum, one ounce of dark rum, 4 ounces of coconut cream, pineapple juice, coconut milk and ice

How to make it

Take the pineapples and slice off their tops. Use a pineapple core to take out the contents of the pineapple. Be careful during this process so that you don’t pierce the bottom of the pineapple. This will make your drink to leak from the pineapple.

Chop the removed contents into large pieces and add them in a blender. Pour both types of rums to balance the taste. Add coconut cream and coconut juice to provide texture to the drink. Add the rest of the ingredients into the blender with ice. Blend thoroughly to create a slush-like mixture.

Pour this mixture inside the pineapple and don’t forget to include a paper umbrella on the top.

Summing up

Summer season can be fun with beach visits and pool parties. But for some people, it can be dreadful. As air conditioning is not available everywhere, cocktails are the answer to the summer problems. These drinks can be prepared at home using readily available ingredients and are super healthy and refreshing.

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