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World’s Most Popular Unlucky; Lucky Lotto Numbers

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No game of luck can exist without a bit of superstition mixed in. It’s in human nature to look for patterns and signs, to steer clear from one set of numbers while worshiping the others. If the result is out of our hands, it must be in the hand of an unknown higher power, right? The only question is whether it is an angel or devil making these decisions for us.

Regular lottery players are known believers of this philosophy. If you visit sites like Lottoland, you will see a clear difference between the purchase of lottery tickets of certain numbers. It’s considered wise to avoid the number 13  while players go crazy looking for 3s and 7s. Let’s check some of the numbers that haunt lottery players’ dreams!

Lucky Number 3

The number 3 has significant value in religions around the world. In Christianity and Hinduism, it refers to the Holy Trinity or the three protectors. In Islam, it comes in the form of 3 holy sites. In the Chinese culture, the phonetic similarity of the number 3 to the character for “birth” has led it to be considered lucky.

Lucky number 8

8 is the number that was lucky enough to be regarded highly by the Greek philosopher Pythagoras as the symbol of eternity and infinity. Similarly, in Korea, the character for “prosper” and “wealth” has similarities to the sound of number 8. A number with associated words that seems to be the key to winning the jackpot, of course, number 8 is a popular choice among players.

Lucky Number 7

Try and think of words you usually equate with the word seven. There are many, right? Seven seas, seven continents, seven wonders and of course, the seven colours of the rainbow which are the same for us all, no matter where we live. According to Christianity, even the formation of the world as we know it happened in seven days! One can’t help but count seven as an auspicious number.

Unlucky Number 13

Universally, thirteen might be the most acknowledged unlucky number. Enough to have a separate name for the phobia of thirteen, known as triskaidekaphobia. Why do we fear the number 13 so much? It could be the number of real-life tragedies that the world has witnessed. Or one can tie it to the Norse mythology when the appearance of 13th guest at a party of 12 gods led to death and destruction.

Unlucky And Lucky Number 4

Irish and Celtic culture regards the four-leaf cover as the arrival of good luck and fortune. The natural world seems to be divided into groups of four- the seasons, the 4 elements, and the cardinal directions.

Yet, in China, it is feared at every turn. This is because the pronunciation of the Chinese word for death sounds suspiciously similar to the one of number 4.

There are other numbers like 9, which has its fair connotation of both good fortune and bad luck. Number 17 is avoided explicitly in Italy. You might have a list of numbers you avoid for personal reasons and ones you count on too. Want to share some with us?

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