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Does Music Have Healing Properties for Your Daily Life?

HomeWellnessDoes Music Have Healing Properties for Your Daily Life?

Many people who understand music very well says that music can heal your life. Others say that music is a type of Meditation in itself that can calm your mind and help relieve stress. It means the music has healing properties. Not all but some types of clean music can help you heal many problems and illnesses.

They know and understand the healing powers of music and use it to help people heal from many types of illnesses and other problems. Let us dive deeper into the healing properties of music.

Music can relieve pain



Physicians and scientists have tested music therapy for patients in acute pain to chronic pain. The music therapy helps in providing relief from acute and chronic pain. Music therapy reduces the perception of pain and the requirement of medicines for relief. It also reduces the depression that patients suffer due to intense pain.

Heart health

Many people suffer from heart problems due to the contraction of blood vessels. Music can help relax the blood vessels in heart patients. According to a study conducted by Dr. Mike Miller of Baltimore, music helps people with cardiac problems. In the study, he played music for some heart patients and found that the size of their blood vessels relaxed and opened after listening to music. It means relaxing music can help heal heart patients if they listen regularly and follow medical treatment.

Reduce Anxiety during operations

Music therapy helps people reduce the Anxiety before undergoing surgical procedures. According to clinical trials, people who listened to music before surgery find relief from discomfort before going for the operation. Moreover, patients who listened to music in the recovery room needed less pain-relieving medications.

Physiological Effects

Music can physiologically affect breathing, heart rate, pulse rate in people. According to studies, music can normalize the heart rate, regulate the breath rate, and pulse rate in patients. The way it does this is by relaxing the mind which controls all these functions in the human body. Listening to calm and relaxing music relaxed the mind, which in turn helps relax the heart rate and pulse rate.

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Improves the mood

People find themselves happy while listening to the music of their time. For example, youngsters always like the latest music or the music of young singers and musicians. However, people above 30 years of age or in their 40s love listening to old music. When people listen to the music of their childhood time or young age, they find themselves relaxed and happy. It leads to relaxation of body and uplifting of mood and induces good feelings in people.

Dopamine production

Human brain releases dopamine while listening to music that makes people feel good. Dopamine is a feel-good hormone that is necessary for the health of the central nervous system. It has a positive effect on the human brain, emotions, and perception. Relaxing music helps improve the production of dopamine by the human brain.

Recollect good memories

Research has proved that good feelings help heal physical illnesses. Music reminds people of good memories and moments in their life and induces feelings of happiness. Listening to music that reminds people of their good old memories can help them heal faster from any type of illness. Some experts and doctors advise patients to listen to their favorite music to speed up the healing process.

Increase Self Awareness

Self-awareness is essential for personal growth in life. Understanding yourself slow you to find your purpose in life. People can cultivate self-awareness by listening to holy music. The practice of listening to sacred music helps people to know about themselves and create life as they want. People who listen to music feel more connected to life than people who don’t. However, the music should be calm and relaxing, not the pop or rock style music.

Music helps in Meditation

Many spiritual masters have created healing music that helps people heal themselves. Also, in eastern countries, people listen to some types of chanting music that have the power of healing. For example, people in Tibet listen to the sound of Tibetan metal bowls for healing. The sound of these bowls can heal illnesses to some extent or promotes faster healing.

Musical Instruments



The musical instruments also play a vital role in people’s lives. People who are fond of playing some musical instrument find its music joyful and relaxing. For example, every guitarist connects to his/her guitar in a unique way. The sound of their instrument is healing for them. People living in or around Melbourne can visit a guitar shop Melbourne to find a variety of guitars.

Final Words

Music has many healing properties, but you need to find the right type of music for yourself. Usually, any calm and relaxing music can heal people from problems. However, the best music is the one to which you feel most connected mentally and spiritually.

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