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Healthy Herb: 7 ways Marijuana can be a part of a healthy diet

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Including more greens is something every nutritionist recommends for a healthy living. In the current scenario, the only green herb swiftly making its entry to the healthcare and wellness industry is marijuana. The stigma attached to it is fading away as more and more studies are focusing on its medicinal benefits. The affirmative pieces of evidence are making people think beyond their recreational use.

People prefer to eat it raw, as in that state you get the THCA compound (non-psychoactive), instead of THC (psychoactive). When you allow the herb to age or expose it to heat, it forms THC. Below are a few ways you can include marijuana in your regular diet to make them healthy and delicious.

Pot hot Tea or Coffee

To start our day with fluids is the healthiest way to stay hydrated all day long. Some of us usually have tea or coffee in the morning. Infusing marijuana with these two can kick start your day well enough and help boost creativity and productivity throughout. Also, beverages can be a better alternative to smoking. Once you return home after work, sipping on to a warm cup of marijuana tea, works as a great body relaxant and stress-reliever.

If you wish to avoid the extracting process, add cannabutter into your choice of beverage. You simply need to heat the herb resin with butter and once it blends store in a cool, dry place. Another way to prepare the tea is to put the leaves in hot water as you do with green tea leaves. Allow the leaves to release their natural color, and your drink is ready.

Cooking with Marijuana

Cooking with the herb sounds exciting and tastes yummy! There are many easy ways you can cook with marijuana. Here are a few options:

Marijuana Cooking Oil

Marijuana cooking oil for every food you prepare can be a healthy way of including its medicinal properties. For that, you need to select an oil base like canola, olive, or coconut. Then grind the marijuana until it turns granular and not like powder. Mix it with the base oil into a saucepan and heat the mixture and avoid boiling it. Lastly, strain the oil to get rid of solids and store it in a refrigerator to keep using it for long.

Marijuana Flour

Detach the stems and seeds from the buds to start with making marijuana flour, and leave it to dry properly. Once it’s dry, grind the buds until it turns into fine powder like flour. Remember if it is moist, it will turn into a paste and not powder. Now separate the ground and ungrounded parts with the help of a sieve. Regrind the latter and repeat the filter process until you get the fine flour-like texture. Store it well in an airtight container.

Juice it up

You can blend marijuana with any vegetable or fruit to prepare your herbal juice or smoothies. Those who are active and more health-conscious would love this combination to experience marijuana without the fear of getting high. Pick any fruit and vegetable that forms your diet every day and mix them with cannabis leaves, which also are good sources of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. It is the next big thing in the health and wellness sector as it keeps you far from the mind-altering effects of THC. Mixing it with different flavors will help avoid the bitter taste it naturally carries. Also, experts consider a glass of thick green marijuana juice containing THCA can help you deal with inflammatory conditions and fight autoimmune diseases.

Hemp Seeds Salad Dressing

Salads top the everyday food list to stay healthy. Whether it is to lose weight or maintain a healthy lifestyle, salads can prove beneficial for overall wellbeing. Hemp is another cannabis genus having similar chemical compounds like marijuana. The only difference lies in the CBD and THC ratio. Hemp seeds contain high amounts of CBD, which has the potential to deliver several health benefits. These are rich sources of fatty acids Omega-3 and Omega-6, iron and fiber source. It can help manage weight and support gut health. You can find cheap marijuana seeds for sale at a local dispensary, provided your state allows its legal sale.


Marijuana Snacks

We all need those in-between snacks that can suppress hunger until we get to eat the meals. Marijuana-infused snacks are a healthy alternative and addition to our diet. There are a variety of choices to pick like granola bars and cheese crackers. You can either make these at home or find a readymade pack. Be careful with the dosing for the ones that you purchase. Some also come as organic and gluten-free. Besides these, you can go for nuts like almonds, cashews infused with marijuana. Munching onto these will help you maintain weight, which can further keep you away from cardiovascular diseases.

Marijuana-Infused Honey

Honey is a source of antioxidants and can reduce blood pressure and maintain cholesterol levels. People with diabetes find it a better alternative as it does not lead to high blood sugar levels. Marijuana-infused honey has anti-bacterial properties and can help treat insomnia, coughing, acid reflux, acne, and sinus. It can also help alter mood swings and reduce nausea and vomiting. Creating it at home will only require your patience. So the next time that you buy weed online Quebec, make sure you order marijuana honey as well. It comes in a glass jar that can cost $35-$40.

Marijuana Chocolates

Marijuana chocolates can be the right way to lift your mood. Chocolates increase the anandamide levels in the human body, which is the bliss molecule responsible for emotional stability. Similarly, the CBD compound in marijuana helps boost anandamide signaling and also treat symptoms of schizophrenia. Explore the options you can get on the market. But be wary of its THC potency. Do not go overboard if you don’t know your capacity.



Marijuana is a herb with magical healing powers. The resistance capacity of the plant also makes it convenient to grow in your balcony. Know the health benefits of marijuana well before going ahead with including in your diet. Understand the condition you want to treat, metabolism, and tolerance capacity to consume it responsibly.

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