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What are the mental health benefits of moving home?

HomeWellnessWhat are the mental health benefits of moving home?

Relocation is, most of the time, a stressful and overwhelming event in a person’s life. Very often, people need to move because of a job switch, divorce/marriage, finances, etc. That’s when they think about everything else except the way the relocation affects their mental health. And it does, significantly. Sometimes, moving doesn’t have to be part of some other life event – it can be just because you need a change and you want to feel better. Here’s the list of the mental health benefits of moving home and ways to have a smooth and stress-free relocation.

Why people fear moving?

Moving your entire home, especially if you’ve lived there for a while is always a stressful moment. Whether you recognize it or not, it is a huge life change where you’ll be leaving the place you’ve been calling home. It’s not only about moving the items in the home – it’s about the memories and all the nice events that happened in that house. Most of the time, changes happen for a good reason. However, even if they are aware of it, people find it difficult to adapt to the new environment. That’s why you should go through our list of the mental health benefits of moving home and prepare yourself for the big step.

Moving out for the first time feels amazing

Even though it is a step into the unknown, moving out from your family for the first time is surely exciting.

Even though this step comes with more obligations, the feeling of growing up and becoming an individual is definitely a good one. However, as you are moving for the first time, moving may require help if the distance is long, to make sure you relocate safely and easily.

New environment – new you

All-new experiences that happen in our life define us as a person in a way. These events that happen build our personality and change us every time we take a step forward. That’s why one of the mental health benefits of moving home is the positive effect of the change on your mood and personality. The same way travel vacations make you feel after you come back home, relocation helps you have a fresh start – as you change your environment, people you see every day, commute route, etc. It can positively affect your creativity and help you avoid being in a rut.

Meeting new people is one of the most important mental health benefits of moving home

As you relocate to a new city or country, you’ll be ‘forced’ to meet new people and make new friends. Spending time with different people from time to time (but not forgetting old friends, as well) gives you another perspective on life and provides you with new opportunities. If you are single, this can be an amazing way to find the love of your life in a new circle of people you meet after you move. Relocation also gives you the chance to meet people that can be your new business partners, help you find a better job, etc. Either way, a fresh start in social circles is definitely one of the most important mental health benefits of moving home and you should use it the best way possible.

De-cluttering your old home is refreshing

Apart from the fact that clutter costs you money, it also makes you feel depressed and disorganized in your own home. The perfect chance to declutter your home is relocation. You’ll be getting rid of the items you no longer need, and which make your house (and your head) messy.  You can even make some money by selling these items online or in a garage sale.

You won’t feel constrained any more

You may love a house you’re in, but once your family outgrows your home, it may feel crowded and stressed. Moving to a new home is the perfect chance to find a bigger place, where each member of your family will have more space of their own. This will help you feel more relaxed, and give you more space for a hobby to enjoy, or have friends over more regularly. However, if you are moving to a big house with many items be sure to hire professionals to handle the family move. Tik Tok Moving and Storage Queens will help you relocate all your house items safely and quickly, which is very important when you are moving with your family.

You’ll have more time to think

Re-locations, especially long-distance ones, are not something we do every day. These are the days you get away from your every-day routine and have more time to think about your next step. Especially if you’ll have a long-distance trip, you’ll have more time for some self-reflection and thinking about your plans, desires, and needs. It’s the perfect time to take a pause in your busy life and understand yourself better.

A new home will help you feel better

Coming into a new, clean space will help your mental state in many ways. If you are moving into a better, bigger home, you’ll be more positive and have more energy for the days to come. Cleaning and maintaining a new, modern home will not be such a burden for you anymore, and you’ll be looking forward to coming home from a long day of work.


Every event in our life can be positive and negative – it’s the way you experience it. That’s why you should consider your relocation a positive life event that will change your everyday routine for better. As you could see in the text above, there are many mental health benefits of moving home if you know how to deal with it. That’s why you should focus on the future and the good things that will result in making the next step. Seize the day and enjoy your new home!

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Maria Spacey
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