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How to make it in Canada?

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Many families choose to move to Canada with their loved ones. Whether it is in pursuit of a job career, better living conditions, or any other positive reason, Canada is the perfect location. As a matter of fact, three of my closest friends recently moved to Canada with their families.  Two of them moved to Sudbury, and the third one went straight to Toronto!

However, making it in a foreign country is not always easy. It takes a lot of courage, inner strength, and a bit of luck. If you are thinking about making the same step, and your biggest concern is how to make it in Canada, this article should provide answers to your questions!

How to make it in Canada?

Starting life in Canada requires certain steps to be taken. Moving your family has many mental health benefits, but there can also be downsides if the relocation is not done the right way. And not only the relocation, but it is also even more important how you handle life in Canada in the first few weeks after the move.

Some of the key factors required to make it in Canada are:

  • finding a good home
  • getting a job
  • connecting with people in the community

Still, there is much more than that, so let’s dive a bit deeper into this topic and shed some light on the best ways to make it in Canada!

Finding a home in Canada

The root of making it in Canada is to find a good and affordable home. Consider the price and the location when choosing the house for your family. Also, think about your budget. Not only for buying a place but for other expenses once you move in. If you still don’t have a job, that will play an essential role in managing your finances.

PRO TIP: A friend of mine moved on his own to Canada, until he found a steady job, and prepared everything for the family. Once everything had been set, his wife moved with their children. There is no need to expose your family to additional expenses.

Applying for work in Canada

When applying for work, the most crucial thing is to have a good resume. Second, it would be good to find a contact in Canada that can introduce you to your potential employer. Also, provide a cover letter explaining why you are looking for a job in Canada, and make sure to submit all recommendations from previous employers

Relocating to Canada

Another vital factor is relocation. It makes a great difference between doing it on your own against hiring professionals. The first way is cheaper, but the second one is much more convenient. Professional movers will do all the heavy lifting and organization, provide you with boxes that can endure your Sudbury relocation, and help in much more.

Improve the language

Another way to make it in Canada is to work on your English and French. Mastering both languages opens many doors for you. It can be challenging to start, but you must be persistent. You can apply for online courses or sign in to a language school even before you move. Many people are learning a language as a hobby.

This step is especially important for your kids. If they attend classes in Canada, they must learn how to communicate.

Connect with the people

Depending on the size of the community around you, it is best to connect with as many people as possible. Knowing your neighbors and everyone around you provides a unique possibility to get in touch with important people. Those connections might help out with getting a job, finding quality and affordable maintenance guy, and lots of other stuff.

Furthermore, if you do someone a favor, they might repay it when you need it.

Do you have healthcare?

If you don’t have healthcare in Canada, you should apply for one as soon as possible. If you are a Canadian permanent resident, or you have Canadian citizenship, you are eligible to apply for public healthcare. You should know that it may take for up to three months or even longer to get approved for healthcare. Meanwhile, make sure you have private health insurance.

Once you get healthcare, you should know what it covers. That is:

  • prescription medication and eyeglasses
  • physiotherapy
  • dental care
  • ambulance services

For anything else, you will have to turn to private insurance.

The education system in Canada

Although there are many places in Canada that are among the best top 10 vacation locations, going on a vacation in Canada is one thing, and living there is a whole other situation. One thing that you must think about if you are trying to make it in Canada is to enroll your kids in school. Understand that schooling in Canada differs from what you might expect, so be sure to do proper research before picking a school for your children.

What to do if you are having difficulties?

Although there are better chances for you to make it in Canada by following these suggestions, sometimes things just don’t roll your way. There are multiple occasions when people have difficulties adjusting to the new environment and a different lifestyle. If that happens to you, you might start having thoughts of returning back to your home country.

While I always advise trying to hold on and push forward until your problems are solved, it is crucial to take great care of your finances. Either way, if you decide to leave Ontario, it is better to have some money saved on the side

Share your experience with us!

I hope that this useful guide will help you to make it in Canada. Nevertheless, if you have any success story, or you know someone who went through a similar situation, be sure to get in touch with them and find out as much as possible. Share your thoughts with us, and who knows, maybe your advice can help someone to make it in Canada in the future!

Mark Lawrence is a professional writer and blogger. His niche is relocation, family assistance, finance management, and planning and organization. He has been living in Ontario with his wife and two children for the past 4 years, and he made a career out of helping people move to Canada.

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