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Here’s How to Choose the Best LEGO Engineering Camp

HomeEducationalHere's How to Choose the Best LEGO Engineering Camp

A LEGO engineering camp is the best. Children get to learn excellent engineering concepts engagingly and interactively. They learn all lessons through fun activities like building LEGO bricks. They design, develop and test their creations, learning valuable lessons. This hands-on and practical approach allows the children to flourish and learn at their own pace. These lessons are helpful in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education. But why is STEM education so important now?

STEM education plays an integral part in a child’s education. It equips him for the future by developing creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, and leadership qualities. It prepares him academically for the challenging STEM jobs. These jobs will rise by another 9% by 2029, which is a significant number. So naturally, parents want their children to excel in STEM concepts. Many camps offer STEM education in engineering, robotics, life sciences, physics, and arts. A LEGO engineering camp is top-rated due to its applications in several fields. We will explore it in detail. But first, let us see what happens in a LEGO engineering camp.

What to Expect in a LEGO Engineering Camp?

A LEGO engineering camp inspires children’s interest in STEM, including engineering and related fields like robotics and physics. Children learn principles of engineering through LEGO bricks. They design, create and learn through playing. Children also love a hands-on practical approach to learning. Since they have fun, they are motivated to focus and perform better. Children can find their natural inclination and develop skills. It is the best way to encourage children towards STEM education.

In this article, we will see what to expect from a LEGO engineering camp and explore its benefits. We will also discuss how to choose the best center for your child; the factors you should consider when you select a program. Choosing the right camp is essential for your child to have a great experience. It ensures that your child has a good time and learns about engineering.

Benefits of A LEGO Engineering Camp

There are several benefits of sending your child to a LEGO engineering camp. If you are doubtful, read these benefits and see what a fantastic opportunity it is for your children. They can learn so much from there. It helps them with academic excellence and life skills.

Develops Interest in STEM and Engineering- A LEGO engineering camp is a great way to teach STEM concepts to young children. They are impressionable and can benefit a lot from camps.

Encourages Teamwork- Children work together in teams to solve challenges and tasks. They learn to communicate their ideas and listen to what others say. Working together promotes a sense of unity and nurtures teamwork.

Provides a Fun and Safe Environment- Children learn amazing things, but all in a fun way. They enjoy their time in LEGO engineering camps that motivate them to do better.

Creativity and Critical Thinking- LEGO bricks can be quite challenging. It promotes creative and critical thinking. Children need to think outside the box and come up with creative solutions.

How to Choose the Right LEGO Engineering Camp

Everyone understands the importance of STEM camps. So it is common to find such camps all around. Each one has its unique style and teaching methodology. Staff, process, courses, and teaching style affect whether a camp fits the child. When you select the right LEGO engineering camp for your child, he will thrive in his new environment. Consider some points to find the perfect fit for your child.

Choosing the right camp will ensure your efforts and money are well-spent. Here are a few points you should consider when you look for a LEGO engineering camp for your child.

Gauge the Child’s Interest

There are several engineering camps, each with a unique focus and style. To make the right choice, first, ask your child what they like. Is he interested in robotics, architecture, or coding? You can get a professional opinion or ask your child what he wants. Once you know the interest of your child, it will help you make an informed decision.

A child will genuinely enjoy the camp if he is interested in learning. It will help develop his interest and nurture his inclination. If you put your child in a robotics camp while he shows a clear interest in architecture, his natural talent may go to waste. A child should be interested in the course he partakes in to get the system’s full benefits.

Conduct a Thorough Research

When you have too many options, you must thoroughly research to select the best. You can look online, read reviews, and ask for recommendations from your ward’s school or friends. Most camps have an active social media presence. You can check their pages and see the programs they offer. Many LEGO engineering camps offer open houses for potential students. You can ask questions, meet the staff and see the facility. It will help you know if it is the right place for your kid.

Visit the Campus

Once you shortlist a few options, you should make appointments and visit the campus. It is best to see if your child will be comfortable in that place. You can meet the teachers, ask them how they teach, their approach, and how they handle things and find compatibility with your child. Many facilities also tell you the teachers’ qualifications and how they are adept at teaching your child.

Also, ask them about the different programs they offer. Is it helpful for your child? There are various programs for children across all age groups and levels. Some introductory LEGO engineering camp courses are for young children with no experience, while advanced classes are for people with some knowledge.

Factor in your Child’s Schedule

Student life is quite busy. When you also add another class to his schedule, he should be able to manage it. A hectic schedule does more harm than good. He will get overwhelmed with all the burdens. You need to see a lot of things- is the campus nearby? How will your child commute? If you will drop by and pick up your child, does the timing fit your timetable? Check with the program and see if you get a consistent schedule.

Financial Obligations

There is a LEGO engineering camp for all financial brackets. You can also avail of scholarships and financial aid for some programs, so always do your homework before you select a course.

Innovative Academy LEGO Engineering Camp for Your Kid!

Now you know how essential it is to enroll your child in a competent LEGO engineering camp. It is imperative to choose a good program for your child. Innovative Academy has the best Engineering Camp for your child. You can find a program that suits your child’s needs- beginner, intermediate or advanced. We have collaborated with PUSD (Poway Unified School District) to provide the best education to children.

Enroll your child today and see him develop a keen interest in engineering. We will nurture his skills with hands-on learning. For more information, visit our website and drop us a message. You can also reach us at Innovative Academy. We will get in touch ASAP.

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