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The web-designing practices that don’t go well with SEO professionals

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If you think that website design is something about which a number of people worry about, then you are right, and I completely agree with you that they do. But what happens sometimes is that the practices of web designing sometimes interfere with SEO services. Have you ever wondered why all this happens? Well, to get an answer to the particular question of how small changes in the products of web-designing can affect the Search engine tactics during marketing.

An amateur person in the field of SEO starts learning all the things from the very start like search engines helping the WebPages to get ranked.  Even minute changes in the web designing practices can make it difficult for him/ her to understand.

 In fact, think about why the entire issue occurs? Well, most probably the reason behind is that the SEO hasn’t undergone that much amount of changes as compared to web designing.

The website these days are huge that contains a considerable number of pages in it. Such a complicated design of the websites makes it tricky for the search engine bots to navigate through the different pages.

Large entrepreneurs mindset regarding the websites

Everyone wants to make their sites enticing and the best one out of all. But until the developers and the designers understand the factors that need to be planned for, it is not possible to keep the clients happy.

It is why the large entrepreneurs and corporations understand the significance of usability. It is why they hire experience search engine marketers that have a sound experience of SEO those who have the same mentality. Whereas if we talk about the small business owners, then they are not aware of how the web designing can affect the whole scenario of digital marketing and the horde among the search engines. The reason behind it is very clear that their budget limits their opportunities to compete with others.

Also, it is the main reason that the website owners are having less experience in the field lag and end up getting frustrated.

The approach of holistic SEO and its usability

The holistic SEO can be considered as a marketing strategy that makes the use of a number of different channels from the online world. On top of that, it also utilizes some elements related to web development and marketing in conjunction with the SEO.

In simple words, the holistic strategy of marketing keeps its main focus on the causes of the problem rather than the signs. The particular process keeps on changing with and augmenting gradually as per the market demands. During the approach, a number of aspects are taken care of such as the quality content, responsibility of keeping your website secure, providing great user experiences, and much more. All these factors took years to get experienced in.

Linking all the dots

In the world of search engines, nothing remains the same and steady. Every time there will be an update in the technology of the search engines or the computers, the human-computer behaviors will change as well. It can be referred to as the neurosciences and its relations with the human-computer behaviors. To make you understand the point that I am saying right now, let’s take the help of an example.

For example, You tell me that if there is a webpage then where the call button should be placed on the interface of the page. Well, the best place for that call button to be is an image that reflects the view of a human face. It is the appropriate place that will hit the minds of the people first and help them to catch the call button more quickly. Not only the place but the colors also affect the human mind a lot. A human will respond differently to different colors.

Study of Human-Computer Behaviors

According to the studies, it is stated that the landing webpage only has 5 seconds in which it requires convincing the viewer to stay. Therefore, if there is a webpage where the traffic is not generating, then the first thing that should be noticed that many changes can be made to a particular website to improve the rate of conversions.  In fact, if your client is an experienced marketer, then they for sure will demand some interface that can entice the users to stay on the page and one that has the capability to provide an excellent experience to the users. Hire a New York design company to get the best possible guidance according to your needs.

Web designing practices that affect the SEO and their digital marketing strategies

The choice of web design interferes with marketing strategies in many aspects such as accessibility, usability, findability, crawlability, and much more. All these things lay pebbles in the functions of SEO, making their job even more difficult and tricky.

The problems that the search engine optimizers face are navigation and Design of the website. Now let’s have a look at these two issues in brief.

When it comes to navigation, then there are many things on the website that can interfere with the activities of an SEO. Such as some drop-down elements of navigation that compels the users to make a choice between the subcategories or the involvement of Accordion navigation. Other problems with navigation such as having huge menus or the absence of filters can create issues for the SEO.


Next up we have the design of a webpage that can create problems in a number of ways for Search engine optimizations. Some of the problems with the website designs are mentioned below:

  • Placement of images that are oversized right on the top of the webpage.
  • Not using the SVG fonts for content and using some other interesting ones.
  • Presence of lazy redirects.
  • Not consulting the analytics the resigning decisions are made.
  • Scrolling that doesn’t ends till the infinity.
  • Last but not least including the Session IDs in the dynamic URLs.

In fact, you won’t believe if I tell you that the list doesn’t end here. But for now, it was to give you a little idea about how certain factors related to web designing can interfere with the Search engine optimization process.

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