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Some Important Fintech App Development Fields

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In todays scenario, every industry is adding some amazing benefits to their domain. Even Finance and IT together extending rapid growth with innovative services here we are talking about Fintech application development. This unique technological reform in the financial sector constantly trying to improve the banking solutions, improving payment process, Launched cryptocurrencies, Securing transactions like Trading, Equity, Insurance, and Risk Compliance.

Furthermore according to Statista Predictions an overall value in the fintech sector in the US to grow at the rate of 20.5% and a total US$ 6,962,224 million in 2021. This prediction makes easy to believe and more reliable for the Industry owners to extend Investment and generate big revenues. There are several Fintech application development fields are growing very quickly some of them are as follows:

Important Fintech App Development Fields You will Like to Invest

P2P Payment Apps

P2P payment apps are most usable electronic payment process used to transfer money from one person to another. These applications help to linked individual account with other user’s digital wallet. When the User Access the transaction the application automatically records it and draws the money directly from one user to another.

The P2P Payment apps are divided into three broad categories:   

  • Standalone Services
  • Bank-Centric
  • Social Media Centric

Mobile Banking Apps

As every sector is adopting a Mobile Services Banking Sector is one of them. Every person just hates standing in the long queue of the Banks. So with the demand for state of the art mobile devices the generation of new customers expects all their financial data at their fingertips and the Idea of Fintech app helps to full fill this expectation of the customers. The Banking Sector mostly demands Innovation and it is one of the best niches in the Fintech application development.

Trading and Investment Apps

Investment Platforms helps to manage users Assets in one place and when the Investment Platform gets on Mobile phone, then the banking transaction becomes soo easy. Trading and Investment is one of the fastest-growing fields of Fintech Software Development fields. whether a mobile or Progressive web application users expect easy and simple features to Buy, Sell, Hold Stocks, Shares, Forex, Cryptocurrency, funds and easily check their valuation. We can take an example of such a good Investment platforms like Addepar and Hedgeable. Former is a quick, Secure and Scalable Investment Trading Application. It facilitate the Investment Decisions of Users.

Money Transfer Apps

Digital technologies simply changing the transaction process in the Banks while Sending or Receiving the Money. The most beneficial and successful Companies are currently leveraging blockchain, Face and voice biometrics, NFC and other innovative technologies. International Money transfer becoming so expensive and some of the Banks are charging a Good amount of Money, Ripple and Transferwise are the greatest Fintech Apps for the transfer of International Money.

Insurtech Apps

Insurance Fintech Application Development helps to get reforms in the Insurance sector. Due to the Utilization of mobility solutions, IoT and Business Intelligence all the collected data help to deliver personalized offers, Recommendations, and Dynamic pricing schemes. Furthermore, Real-time data helps to manage Insurer’s risks effectively and efficiently that can boost ROI.  

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Ankit Sharma
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