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How to Plan a Child-friendly Kitchen

HomeEducationalHow to Plan a Child-friendly Kitchen

Having children is fun for a family. They are the inspiration on why couples tend to work their relationship more and be a happier family that they can be. One of the bonding moments that parents could have with their children is through eating together at the dinner table and sharing stories.

However, there are times where even the kids themselves want to be in the kitchen to do the works, especially when they reach a certain age. As parents, the ideal thing to do is make the kitchen child-friendly and safe for the kids. If you have no idea how to do this, you are in luck because here are the steps in making your kitchen more suited for the children.

Put the dishes where kids can reach them

Kids around five years old can somehow serve breakfast by itself. They can get cereals and milk in a bowl by this age and eat breakfast already. Because of this, you can now put children’s cups, plates, bowls, and utensils on lower locations and let the child serve himself. You can do so by having your kitchen counters or cabinets customized by a professional kitchen remodeler. Drinks for the kids can be put in small containers that they can carry. There might still be a mess sometimes, but at least they are getting to know food preparations.

Put hazardous objects out of children’s way

This is opposite of putting the kids’ utensils and plates on the lower portion of the house. Knives, ceramics, chemicals, and other stuff that might endanger the children should be kept on areas that are out of their reach. Even though kids have a mind of their own, they have possibilities of playing with these hazardous foreign objects out of curiosity.

Have stools that can be used by the kids

Having a by the nearby faucet lets the kids wash their hands and prepare food without the hassle. You can either choose from the little bathroom stools that are used when brushing teeth or the fancier ones that could be folded to be properly stored. You can keep the stool when not being used to avoid blocking the kitchen. You can also have high chairs so they can easily access counter tops that are higher than them so they can put their bowls above it.

Have a kids’ workstation

Children at four years old would mimic actions done by its parents. As a result, they also would want to cook just like their parents. You can make a dream come true even at an early age by having easy oven bake sets in the kitchen when they reach a certain age. We know that kids can have playsets in their room where they can play that they are cooking and serving tea. However, it is quite different if they experience a little bit of cooking themselves. Who knows, they might be the next Gordon Ramsay with a little help and supervision from the parents.

Aim for an easy-clean kitchen

Children are always messy. They are always spilling food and drinks, but we cannot blame them because they are kids. Kids at the age of two or lower do not even know how to use a spoon, so this leads to food all over the counter-tops and tables. What parents could do in these situations is have counter-tops that could easily be cleaned. There are tons of options in the market, but Quartz is the choice of many because of its ability to withstand hot pans right out of the oven and being easily cleaned even after leaving it overnight.

Think of the line of sight

If you are planning to make or modify the kitchen and you have kids, you would want to have a kitchen where you can see the activities your children are doing while you are cooking. In this way, you can guarantee that they are safe even if you are in the kitchen. You can have a window by the stove so you can see them while playing outside and have walls and separators properly placed. This can also help you if you do not want visitors seeing a pile of dirty dishes firsthand.

Avoid using tablecloths

Especially if you have children of a very young age, you would not want to have a tablecloth on your dining table or counter-top. Kids can pull the tablecloth, which makes the materials on the table fall down. What is worse is that sharp objects can wound your children if they ever pull the tablecloth. An alternative to this has decorative place-mats that suit the design of the table. In this way, you still can ensure the table’s condition while avoiding disastrous tendencies.

Install locks and gates

If you store items in your kitchen that could lead to danger and is on the reach of children, make sure that cabinet locks are installed so they could not get any material that could cause harm. And if you have babies or pets, you better install gates by the kitchen so they could never go to the kitchen without your supervision. You can also install covers that prevent your children from touching sockets.

Always mop the floor

This is not only for the kids but for adults as well. In maintaining the kitchen, always mop the floor dry to prevent slips and falls. The counter-top could also do wiping and drying because fluids could leave stains on both areas; some of them even leave smells one cannot bear to smell.

Another thing a parent could do is guaranteeing that the kids would not run around and play while they are cooking to avoid burns from boiling fluids and kitchenware. There is nothing wrong with letting kids in the kitchen as long as they behave. They can even use the stoves and knives if they want to cook just as long as they have the proper guidance of their parents.

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