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How are things Going to Change the Smartphone Industry?

HomeTechnologyHow are things Going to Change the Smartphone Industry?

The world is buzzing with ideas of what’s more to come. Everyone’s excited yet concerned about what the future holds. And so is the case with the tech community. Recent news and claims of leading smartphone companies, technology innovators, and developers have left many with questions and dreams.

Some claim that there’s no need to give an ear to these marketing strategies that are devised only to keep the interests alive. Others say that the tables will turn, and the smartphone industry will resume its initial lightening pace of growth. But nobody knows for sure. Yet at the back of our minds, questions linger, and a disturbing, intriguing curiosity crawls that probably won’t let us focus until the reality unfolds for itself.

So, for the time being, let us quench our thirst for the answers to keep us going a little longer. Let’s evaluate the current claims, predictions, and proposed possibilities mentioned below, about how exactly things are going to change the smartphone Industry.

Speedy Networking, Greater Connectivity

Now that the world has experienced the marvelous functionalities of 4G connectivity, people are anticipating the widespread availability of 5G networks. According to several studies, the 5G network will be around 100 times faster than 4G. Hence, one can expect speedier and more stable connectivity in this year.

Apart from that, the 5G network opens up possibilities for 3-D gaming, better data security, redesigned applications, and much more.

Enhanced Vision

With mobile phones like Oppo A5 2020 released in 2019, it appears that the year 2020 will bring us an even better camera quality. The release of Oppo A5 2020 amazed the masses with its ability to capture detailed and vivid images. (Check out the Oppo A5 2020 price)  So, what new is to get unraveled in 2020?

According to many tech-savvy individuals, the megapixels of the smartphone cameras will get much elevated to around 108. Imagine having a 108-mega pixel smartphone camera that can incredibly enhance the low-light pictures!

Mobile App Development

Mobile Apps form an essential part of our smartphones. Without them, our mobile device has a rather restricted exposure. For that reason, the development of Mobile apps impacts the progress of the smartphone industry substantially.

This year seems to promise lots of advancements in mobile apps. Amongst these, the integration of IoT is of great significance. Although IoT (Internet of Things) itself is not a new idea, its widespread integration in every other app we use certainly is. Imagine being able to control everything at home and that which belongs to you, with only a tap on your smartphone. Incredibly smart. Isn’t it? And while it may be, the Bot technology may be smarter, making everything only a chat away.

Apart from that, we expect to see an increased number of instant apps. Initially, introduced by Google back in 2016 for the ease of users and developers, these apps function more like a website and occupy much less space. Thus, bringing an excellent and efficient user experience. Tech-tycoons namely, Apple and Samsung, are also planning on introducing Mobile Wallet Apps to support the growing e-commerce industry.

Foldable Phones & Wearable Devices

During the previous years, the usage of wearable devices has significantly increased. With smartwatches and fitness trackers, the year might even bring us wearable phones and several other electronics. The technology of foldable phones has already entered the markets, such as Samsung Galaxy Fold. These foldable phones have a flexible hinge embedded in their body that bends and straightens conveniently.

For example, the Samsung Galaxy Fold is shut with a magnetic mechanism that opens to a 140-degree angle. Upon applying a little pressure, the screen straightens completely. Well, while this foldable phone technology has engulfed users in a futuristic feel, they have showcased a few problems. For example, there is a slight disturbance in the screen due to the hinge. Hence, such issues in the foldable phones open up the room for more modified versions in the year 2020. We may as well see the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 in early 2020.

Better Prices

Furthermore, the mass availability of smartphones and the establishment of manufacturing companies may suggest many affordable prices in 2020. Currently, there is a large number of smartphone companies in the world, and the figure is growing day by day. While there is also much competition, each company is trying to offer quality smartphones at reasonable prices. Hence, we might see more smartphones available at reasonable costs.

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  1. Wow, this blog post is like a sneak peek into the future of smartphones, and I must say, I’m excited! 🚀

    The way you’ve explained the potential changes in the smartphone industry is both insightful and easy to understand. It’s clear that technology is evolving at lightning speed, and smartphones are at the forefront of this transformation.

    The idea of foldable phones, AI integration, and sustainable practices making their way into our pockets is nothing short of amazing. It’s not just about upgrading our gadgets; it’s about upgrading our lives.

    I appreciate how you’ve outlined these changes with such clarity. I’m now more excited than ever to see where the smartphone industry is heading. Keep up the great work, and I can’t wait for more updates on this exciting topic!


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