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Why English is vital for a good education?

HomeEducationalWhy English is vital for a good education?

English is a globally accepted language that is used internationally for all kind of interpersonal communication. No matter what mother tongue you speak, at some point you will need to incorporate this new language. Be it a student learning in university or a business person looking for new markets, English becomes an essential tool for both. You can travel to multiple nations and experience new people and culture easily due to your efficiency in speaking and learning English. The importance of this language in the academic sector is immense and here is why you must join the growing tribe of English speakers.

Why knowledge of the English language is crucial for higher learning?

If you are planning to go for higher studies, delve into research or imbibe any sort of new learning then English is an important asset for you. There are many countries that ask students to take an IELTS or equivalent test just to make sure that they can speak and write this language well. Most of the information that one finds in books and online is in English. It is also the medium of instruction used by teachers and professors. If you somehow lag in it then going through high school and university period would be a very difficult task.

United Nations Organisation has given it the status of official language and it has long held this place in developed nations like U.S.A and the U.K. This has only added to its value and made it an ever-important part of the education system. Publishers also pay maximum attention to English and publish books in this language as it can be circulated globally. In the U.K itself, nearly 20 new titles are published on an hourly basis. This means that if you are dreaming about being a scholar then the first logical step is to learn English.

Apart from this, the vocabulary of key elements in medicine, space and more are in this language. So, if you are keen to take up any other field be it law, technology, business or such, you will have to develop your English communication skill. Its impact is not limited to classroom learning but spreads over to real-world scenarios.

English simplifies academic and personal life

Learning is a dynamic activity where you listen, decipher and put questions. All three abilities require knowledge of the required language. You can neither understand nor communicate your problems well without a stronghold on English. Moreover, if you are planning to study abroad then being able to speak the language will work as an ice-breaker with native speakers. General English course for foreign students is so popular because of the same reason.

You will be confident in your learning and language will certainly not be a hitch in anything. It will in the future help you explore more scope in your field as English is adopted as a dominant business language everywhere. Even the world of internet will be all the more accessible to you as almost 52 per cent of the websites are in English.

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