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Accessible PDF Services: A Complete Guide

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Ensuring accessibility is essential in today’s digital environment, especially when it comes to exchanging information through PDF documents. 

The fact that many PDFs do not have the essential accessibility features makes it difficult for those who have disabilities to access and engage with the content. 

Fortunately, accessible PDF services can help with these issues. These services, often known as accessibility remediation services are experts at making PDFs accessible. 

In this in-depth guide, we will examine the value of accessible PDFs and offer details on the services that can be used to make them accessible.

So, without wasting any time, let’s begin

Why are Accessible PDFs Important?

Accessible PDFs are crucial because they make it possible for individuals with impairments to read and understand the information they contain. 

  • For individuals with visual impairments, screen readers are vital tools for accessing digital content. These assistive technologies interpret the text and other elements on a webpage or document and convert them into audio or braille output. 
  • But, inaccessible PDFs can pose significant challenges for screen readers if they lack proper structure, alt text for images, or meaningful headings. Inaccessible PDFs make it difficult for individuals with visual impairments to navigate and understand the content.
  • Similarly, individuals with mobility impairments may rely on specialized software or devices to interact with PDFs. Without proper structure and accessible navigation features, these users may encounter difficulties in navigating through the document or interacting with its interactive elements.
  • Also, accessible PDFs benefit all users, not just those with disabilities. Well-structured PDFs with clear headings, organized content, and intuitive navigation options enhance the user experience for everyone.

What are Accessible PDF Services?

Services for making PDF files accessible to people with disabilities are known as PDF accessibility services

These accessible PDF services make use of a variety of strategies to improve PDF accessibility and guarantee adherence to established accessibility norms like the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

Some common practices employed by accessible PDF services include:

Adding alternative text to images

Images within PDFs are provided with descriptive alternative text, enabling screen readers to convey the meaning of the visual content to individuals with visual impairments.

Structuring the document

PDFs need to be properly structured with headings, paragraphs, lists, and other elements to facilitate easy navigation.

Implementing accessible navigation elements

Navigation elements like bookmarks and hyperlinks enable users, especially those with disabilities, to navigate through the PDF efficiently, particularly in longer documents.

Ensuring color contrast

Adequate color contrast is crucial for individuals with visual impairments. Accessible PDF services can adjust color combinations to meet accessibility guidelines and ensure legibility.

Tagging elements

The effective identification and communication of elements including headings, lists, tables, and form fields to users with disabilities is ensured by appropriately tagging these elements.

Removing inaccessible content

In order to ensure accessibility, it may be necessary to replace inaccessible content, such as scanned photos or text that cannot be searched.

The Process of Accessible PDF Services

Accessible PDF services follow a set of guidelines to make sure that PDF files are accessible to people with impairments. 

While each service provider may have different precise stages, the following overview gives you a rough picture of what to expect:

Document Assessment:

The first step in the process is to assess the accessibility needs of the PDF document. This involves reviewing the document’s structure, elements, and potential barriers to accessibility. The service provider examines factors such as headings, images, tables, and interactive elements to identify areas that require remediation.

Remediation Plan:

Based on the document assessment, the service provider creates a remediation plan tailored to the specific accessibility needs of the PDF. The plan outlines the techniques and methods that will be used to enhance the accessibility of the document. 

Remediation Implementation:

With the remediation plan in place, the service provider begins the actual process of making the PDF accessible. This involves using specialized software and tools to modify the document and incorporate accessibility features. At this stage, the service provider may also address other accessibility issues, such as color contrast, language specification, and document language identification.

Quality Assurance:

Once the remediation is complete, the accessible PDF undergoes thorough quality assurance testing. The service provider employs various assistive technologies, such as screen readers and testing tools, to evaluate the document’s accessibility. Testing ensures that the accessibility features are functioning correctly and that the document complies with established accessibility standards, such as WCAG.

Final Delivery:

After successful quality assurance testing, the accessible PDF is prepared for final delivery. Depending on the needs of the client, the service provider may offer the document in a variety of accessible forms, such as tagged PDF, HTML, or accessible Word documents. The client is subsequently given the accessible PDF, which is now prepared for sharing and public access.

Choosing the Right Accessible PDF Service

When selecting an accessible PDF service, consider the following factors:


Look for service providers with a strong background in PDF accessibility and a track record of successfully remediating inaccessible PDFs.

Turnaround time

Consider the accessible PDF service’s ability to deliver remediated PDFs within your desired timeframe, particularly if you have strict deadlines.

Quality assurance

Inquire about the service’s quality control processes, such as thorough accessibility testing, to ensure the remediated PDFs meet the required accessibility standards.


Compare pricing among different services, ensuring that it aligns with your budget while still meeting your accessibility requirements.


Accessible PDF services, also known as PDF accessibility services or accessibility remediation services, are crucial for making PDF documents inclusive and accessible to individuals with disabilities. 

By addressing accessibility barriers and implementing techniques such as proper structuring, alternative text for images, and accessible navigation elements, these services ensure that PDFs can be accessed and understood by all individuals, regardless of their abilities.

When choosing a PDF accessibility service, consider factors such as expertise, compliance with accessibility standards, turnaround time, quality assurance, and cost. 

By investing in accessible PDF services, you contribute to creating a more inclusive digital environment where everyone can access information equitably.

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