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Top 8 Winter Blooms for your Garden Area

HomeWellnessTop 8 Winter Blooms for your Garden Area

So, finally, winter is here, but that does not mean your garden is going to be gray and dead the entire season. In the winter season, flowers usually die because of icy cold wind, which stops the growth of plant cells. It is not where it ends as the winter season brings along a variety of flowers with it.

The winter flowers make it possible for you to bring back life to your garden. You don’t need to wait for spring to see your garden bloom again. In this article, we are discussing with you some of the best winter flowers that are apt for your winter garden. You cannot only add these flowers in your garden but next time, you can also for online flower delivery in Mumbai in winters by choosing the one which is appropriate for the winter season.  


It emits bright colors from late fall throughout the spring and continuing even in the winter season. They very are long-lasting when kept in a vase. You can choose beautiful orangish-golden yellow and soft yellow flowers. Calendula plants require direct sunlight and a moderate amount of water. They will tolerate many soils as long as they have good drainage. 


Pansy flower is a very tough and rough flower. These low growing plants with five-petaled flowers are good sellers for a lot of years. These plants bloom over a long period and come in a variety of colors. These large-flowers may catch your eye first. Since being the best winter flower, and you can also give these flowers to your loved ones on any occasion with your love and care.


Jasmine is a stunning winter flower, and the color of this flower is bright yellow. It appears in the winter or spring season. These flowers provide an elegant smell that will make you feel happy and relaxed. The winter jasmine requires a low maintenance chore, and this is what makes it a lazy gardener’s favorite flower.


Viola is a lovely flower and is famous for its bright colors and sweet aroma. It is the best winter flower as it spreads fragrance everywhere they are present. It is known that rain beats down these flowers, but violas tend to bounce back immediately. Violas are smaller than pansies in size but have many flowers in a single plant. 

English Primrose

This one blooms in spring, but they are also an excellent choice for winter. These flowers arise either alone or in clusters from a foliage rosette. English primrose comes in nearly every color, which looks very bright and beautiful. Primroses can require direct sunlight for growing in colder climates.

Bedding Begonia

These flowers are the best option for winter, and they can overgrow. You can use these flowers to enhance your house too. The fragrance of these flowers spreads positive vibes everywhere they are kept and also makes you feel happy. These flowers are even apt for gifting to your loved ones for making them feel special.


This flower has the capability of blooming in the darkest months too, that is the winter season. Yes, you will witness this flower blooming proudly at Christmas time. Thanks to its roots which go deep into the soil. It allows hellebore to survive when everything else is frozen around. You can plant this flower in early winter or late winters so that it gets ample time to deepen its roots. Also, try and protect it from the chilly winter winds that might affect the flower.


Who isn’t aware of this name, right? Camellia is one of the most famous winter flowers. Don’t go by its delicate appearance; the flower is capable of blooming in the harshest of weather. This flower has overlapping petals and is available in colors ranging from white, pink to crimson red. Camellia is valued for its early blooming and is amongst the first flowers to appear in late winter.

These are some winter-blooming flowers that you can choose for your gardening. So, as the festive season is coming soon and if you want to give your loved ones something unique and thoughtful. Then, you can opt for these flowers as per your choice and send flowers to Kolkata to your dear ones. Surely when they receive this elegant and sweet token of love from your side, they will be delighted. You can easily find all types of flowers on various online portals.

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