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Mobile Booster Signals- A New Start for Rapid Life

HomeTechnologyMobile Booster Signals- A New Start for Rapid Life

A mobile booster signal or we can also call it Amplifier. This is a wireless system to boost cellular reception. Mobile booster signal is used to improve the signal of cell phones. Mobile signal booster comes in various Models and features.

Every model has different property to solve the problems regarding of Range to cover. Nowadays peoples cannot leave without a phone because they want to do their maximum work on cell phones, but due to lack of signals, they face difficulties sometimes.

There are many companies like Idea, Vodafone, BSNL and many more which gives a variety of signals like 2G, 3G or4G speeds. Speed is depending on your signals. It’s up to you that which mobile booster you want.

mobile booster

Reasons for Weak Mobile signals

If you are in Mountains areas or you are far away from the signals base stations, then you will face problems in the mobile phones signals. In simple language, we can say that the cell phone tower is located at a particular height to provide a signal to mobile.

If your phone is not in the range of these signals, then you will face problems in calling. Or if you very close to these towers then you will also face problems because when so many signal close to each other then they will block the path by which mobiles booster signals travel.

Sometimes materials used in your building also affect the signals of your mobile signals. Materials like glass and metals used in your building will interrupt these signals.

mobile booster

Pros of Mobile Network Booster

If we are talking of the advantage of Using Mobile Network Booster, there are different peoples in the house who are using a different connection. Some of them are using 2G signals, some of them using 3G signals. They all need different connection.

 The signal booster amplifies the weak signals so there is no problem in giving the sufficient amount of signals required by the family members.

If there are more than 1 people in the same location with same connection, a Dual-band signal booster will provide needs to them. For the device who need 4G connection, there will be a bit difficult to give signals to them.

Mobile Booster signals are used to increase the mobile network signals inside the home. These boosters are very used full where a bad network connection is present like area present inside the buildings.

mobile booster

Steps which will help you in getting good network signals are:

  1. Outdoor Antenna Installation Process.
  2. Signal Repeater Installation Process.
  3. Signal Repeater Installation Process.

Moving on the types of Mobile Booster

  1. Tri-Band Signal Booster: The network booster covers frequency of 900MHz, 180MHz and 210MHz for all GSM, 3G and 2G network. We can also say that this is used to solve the problems of small areas.
  2. Single Band Mobile Single Booster: The will cover same frequency as Tri Band Signal Booster.
  3. Dual-band Mobile Signal Booster: These signals are used where the poor signal is present. Having same Frequency of 900MHZ, 1800MHZ, and 2100MHZ for all 2G, 3G, and GSM Network.

Get the prime network where you live!

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