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What You Need to Know About Kids and Hot Tubs

HomeWellnessWhat You Need to Know About Kids and Hot Tubs

A hot tub can be a wonderful addition to your house to install by your pool or use alone year-round. Children and adults alike can enjoy the relaxation of hot tubs with proper upkeep and safety precautions to make sure everyone has a great time. Whether you’re looking to install a hot tub at a vacation home in the mountains or poolside by your property, there are a few things to know about kids and hot tub use.

Safety in Numbers

If you own a hot tub or a pool, you can be liable for not securing it when others use it. Children left unsupervised around a hot tub may be susceptible to drowning when their parents aren’t watching. Every child in a hot tub should be equipped with safety devices and kept an eye on by their guardian. Attorneys such as Brauns Law are knowledgeable to assist in the unfortunate accident due to a hot tub injury.

Too Much Too Young Can Be Dangerous

Much like baby bottles and bathtubs, a hot tub with an extreme temperature can prove to be damaging on a child’s body. There are many reasons why hotels and resorts do not allow children under a certain age to use their hot tub. Babies and toddlers should never use a hot tub and older children should not spend more than a few minutes inside that can dangerously raise their body temperature.

Poor Hygiene Can Lead to Lasting Effects

If you own a hot tub, you know how easy it is for the water to turn murky. Many families will shower separately before entering their hot tub to rid themselves of germs and oils. Unfortunately, hot tubs can still make you sick with skin conditions and bacteria lurking underneath the water. It’s important that your child bathes after their time in the tub if not before, to make sure the jacuzzi is sanitary and available for future use. Another precaution is to save hot tub time for when the family is in good health as the water may transfer germs that cause a cold or other diseases.

The bottom line is that children over a certain age can use your hot tub with necessary precautions and always under adult supervision. This relaxing family activity will be stress-free with special safety tips and guidance for your children.

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