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Explore Some Effective Tips for Improving Your English Writing Skills (Updated)

HomeEducationalExplore Some Effective Tips for Improving Your English Writing Skills (Updated)

Many people face major difficulty in writing properly in English and they may find it extremely challenging to improve their writing skills. Here are some effective but simple tips for improving your written English. Once you start following these tips religiously, you are sure to master your English writing skills.

Focus On Expanding Your Vocabulary

For expressing yourself clearly, you need to cultivate a good robust vocabulary. It is not just enough to recognize a broad spectrum of words. You need to use those words correctly. You must develop the habit of learning new words along with the example sentences. Avoid learning new words by going through word lists alone.

When you are learning a new word, focus on learning different forms relating to that word including the prepositions to be used generally with it. For instance, if the new word is ‘depend’, try to explore the other forms like a dependent, to depend on, to be dependent on, etc.

You can make use of grammar checker which provides you the best Grammar Checker which has more than 500 rules for finding the mistakes in your sentences and articles. It shows all your Grammatical Errors, Punctuation Errors, Spelling Errors and in many common cases contextual errors too.

Be Proficient in English spelling

It is not just enough to know new words in English. It is important to master your spellings. Learn to use the correct spelling of the new words that you are learning. You could enrich your vocabulary not only by learning new words but by learning to spell them correctly and use them in the right context.

You must concentrate on learning the correct spelling of a new word that you came across. Remember incorrect spelling could completely change the meaning of any sentence. For instance, ‘bear’ and ‘bare’ may sound similar but the bear is a wild animal while bare means naked. Misspelled words would make it immensely difficult for the readers to comprehend what you have written. Use flashcards to practice your spelling and keep testing yourself in your spare time. This is a great way to improve English writing skills.

Get into the Habit of Reading Regularly

Experts believe that you could learn to write flawlessly once you develop the habit of reading. Reading works of fiction, inspirational books, biographies, etc. in English could prove to be immensely beneficial. It could be a wonderful way of exploring diverse styles in writing and also proper ways of using words. Reading books written in English is the most effective way of becoming familiar with how to improve your writing skills.

Reading could help you identify mistakes that you are making presently. This could be a good way of rectifying your mistakes so that you could write flawless English. Consider reading graded readers if you have just started learning English as the stories are generally good fun and the language used is simple and uncomplicated.

Boost Your Grammar Skills

Paying attention to grammar is of pivotal importance because it would help you improve the overall quality of your written work. Do not forget to use the appropriate punctuation and correct tense. Punctuation could go a long way in making your writing fluent and clear. As per Inc., good writing is certainly not formal or loaded with jargon. Use simple sentences, and include active verbs, second and first-person, limited adverbs and adjectives. That should do the trick.


Initially writing in English could seem overwhelming. However, the most effective way of improving is writing multiple versions of every text until you can write flawless text. Keep in mind that practice is essential for becoming perfect in whatever you do. Keep practicing and get feedback so that you know where you are going wrong.

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Sujain Thomas
Sujain Thomas
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