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    Blue Prism, a capable and satisfactory tool for accurate, efficient, high-speed, and agile digital workforce when connected with Robotic Process Automation. It is a cost effective solution for enterprises by automating the business process. Blue Prism is developed in the .Net framework with C# language and introduced by a UK based software development company for impressive RPA application

    Softlogic Systems provides the Best Blue Prism Training in Chennai with the updated release of Blue Prism 6.5.0 which was launched in May 2019. It can be integrated with Intelligent Automation skills for developing a high-quality business process easier than ever before. 

    Objectives of learning Blue Prism Training

    The new Blue Prism Digital workforce is now equipped with the following six skills for delivering effective agile-based Robotic Automation Process applications. It will be useful for you to take adequate hands on training in one of the top Blue Prism Training Institutes in Chennai. It offers the following skills to our students after the course completion,

    Visual Perception Skills: Blue Prism assists efficiently with digital workers on visual perception applications.

    Planning and Sequencing Skills: Blue Prism helps the professionals in planning and sequencing by applying if-then logic.

    Collaboration Skills: Blue Prism provides the collaboration skills helps digital workers to improve their real-time auto-scaling process for unattended problem-solving environments.

    Knowledge and Insights Skills: Blue Prism enables employees to extract, understand, and deliver insights by collecting data sources from various sources as per the current trends and patterns in communications.

    Learning Skills: Blue Prism empowers the learning skill of digital readers with more contextual insights on business processing by adapting data patterns as per the real-time human intervention.

    Problem Solving Skills: Blue Prism allows Digital workers to become more resourceful, and resolving ability for autonomous probabilistic analysis using trending technologies

    Primary Technologies that are available in the Blue Prism Tool

    Following technologies can be applied using the Blue Prism tool for effective RPA applications:

    • OCR (Object Character Recognition) for efficient work with textual contents.
    • Natural Language Processing for easy interpret with human languages.
    • Computer Vision for analyzing the meaningful images.
    • Cognitive Planning feature for prioritizing and formulate tasks to reach goals.
    • Auto-scale feature when there is a high demand.
    • Invoice Management on real-time information gathering.
    • ChatBots: IVR/ Voice recognition enabled chatbots used to minimize interaction inconvenience.
    • Machine Learning by Non-Programming concepts.
    • Neutral Network for processing information.
    • Automatic Problem Detection to resolve issues on time.

    Prominent uses of our RPA Blue Prism Tool Training

    Blue Prism has a wonderful career scope after the successful certification program at Softlogic Systems. Our Blue Prism Certification Training consists of industry-led curriculum along with hands on exposure on live projects.

    Our course offers you effective training with the required skills for getting easy placements in your desired goal. Trainers of our Institute are experts and experienced who can handle interactive classes to ensure the job placements. Upskill your Blue Prism knowledge with these advanced value-adds for producing efficient outcomes in the companies by learning at our RPA Blue Prism Training Institute in Chennai.   

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