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How to Pair Shutters with Curtains for an Elegant Look

HomeWellnessHow to Pair Shutters with Curtains for an Elegant Look

You have probably been wondering whether to go with curtains or shutters. Choosing between these amazing window coverings can be frustrating. Try pairing shutters with curtains and create a chic look on your windows. The results can be quite thrilling.

Using curtains only will make your windows look unfinished. With shutters, you will get a layered look and enjoy all the benefits they bring. Also, the streamlined angels of your shutters offer a striking contrast to the curtains’ soft curves.

Check out some ways that you can pair curtains with window shutters.

Mount Your Curtains Outward And Upward

Curtains work well with shutters when a curtain rod is added. Use a long rod that will allow you to push the curtains to the sides when you want to open the shutters. As a rule of thumb in the design industry, always fix your curtain rod above the window frame.

Fixing a rod near the ceiling will make your windows look taller than they are. This adds visual height to your space. Most interior designers mount the curtain rod six inches or more above the window frame and six inches or more to the side.

If you wish you can fix the curtain rod a few inches below the ceiling. You will draw your eye to the highest point in the room. Generally, go as wide and high as possible, even ten inches above the window frame.

Go With Hanging Panel Curtains

Choose hanging panel curtains rather than roller shades or roman shades. You will easily access the aluminum shutters and allow light in whenever you wish. You will also get the elegant look that curtains made of quality fabric can bring into your house.

Hanging panel curtains can be quickly pushed to the side when opening the shutters. These curtains are also ideal since they can detach easily. If your room design changes, you can replace it with curtains in different patterns and colors.

For instance, curtains colored black and white don’t distract white wooden shutters. Instead, they emphasize and frame your windows. Without curtains, the space around your window might look empty and feel stark, especially if the ceiling is high.

Add Tiebacks

If you want to achieve a formal look instead of letting the hanging panels hang down, add hold-backs or tiebacks on both sides of the window.

Tiebacks can either be made of fabric, rope, or a different material. They wrap around the curtain to hold it together. Holdbacks are placed beside the window frame to gather the curtains to the side. Use hooks or improvised old doorknobs.

Most individuals use Holdbacks and tiebacks when the windows are framing a bed, window seat, or bay window. They frame the window seat or bed and make it the focal point of your interior space.

Match Curtains With Wooden Shutters

Wood will give added warmth and texture to the space around your window. It also rhymes perfectly with other wood designs in your house. Wood shutters are an excellent choice if you want to achieve a welcoming and relaxed look.

Pair your wood shutters with curtains made of linen or other natural materials. Paint the shutters with a color that goes well with your décor theme. The color and patterns of your curtains should not out shadow the shutters but rather emphasize.

Consult a window covering professional in case you are not in the capacity to make an informed decision. The expert will help you match your shutters with curtains and attain the functionality and look that you want.

Pair White Shutters With Curtains

If you are looking for a minimalist or natural scheme, match white shutters with your curtains. White shutters can match with literally any color and pattern. You can change your curtains any time and still, maintain the classic look.

White vinyl Bahama shutters match perfectly with white curtains. You can also match them with curtains in bold and neutral shades. Go with linen, cotton, damask, or silk curtains. Choose depending on your tastes and preferences or the color theme in your house.

Match Bold Shutter Color With Your Curtains

You can pick a bold shade from your curtain for your shutter color. Matching the shutter color with the plain curtain can also work well. The pairing creates a co-ordinated feel and makes your window and rooms look elegant.

Also, you can paint your shutters with a color that matches your wallpaper. After which you use curtains with patterns and shades that complement the shutters and wallpaper.

White, wood or grey pair well with natural materials like linen. Brightly colored shutters, on the other hand, match well with curtains with a sheen like silk, satin or velvet.

Contrast Textures To Achieve A Classy Look

Pairing curtains with shutters give a beautiful contrast in textures to your windows. The soft curtain fabric folds rhyme with the sleek lines of the wooden and composite shutters. You will achieve a boutique look in your living space.

Dare to match cream café style shutters with curtains in charcoal. The results are outstanding.

Don’t Choose Similar Curtains For All Your Windows

If you want your house decoration to be unique, don’t mount similar curtains across your house. When shopping, it is easier to pick a decent pair for the whole house. However, from a design perspective, the curtains will make your house seem disjointed.

Pairing curtains with shutters ties your entire space together. In this case, you would want to ensure that the pairing creates the atmosphere that you want. For most individuals, the atmosphere is unique in every room.

Try out neutral colors on different shutter styles. Remember also to consider the amount of light that gets into the room. Don’t forget to match the curtain rod with the curtain color.


Most people view windows as an afterthought, but their ability to break or make a living space is inevitable. Pair your curtains with your window shutters, and the room becomes softer, dynamic, and brighter.

If the task is overwhelming, consider consulting an expert in the field. You will get more ideas on how to match your curtains with the shutters.

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