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“The Nine Human Endeavors of Success”, based on the book “Understanding Human Evolution and the Nine Human Endeavors Reveals the Purpose and Meaning of Life”.

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Every human being is programmed at birth with the inalienable skills, abilities, and functional adaptations needed for the successful completion of an evolutionary prerogative.  Understanding how you are programmed, and the evolutionary prerogative you are meant to accomplish, is domain to only a small fraction of the population.

Even for those that can accurately identify their purpose in life, their life circumstances may not allow them to achieve their life’s mission, due to governmental, political, economic, or other reasons that are beyond their control.  This partly explains why only a small fraction of human beings have achieved their evolutionary purpose, and why many people living in modern industrialized societies will experience a crisis of purpose at some point during their lifetime.

As you are reading this article, ask yourself “What is my purpose in life?”.  Very few people can articulate their life’s purpose.  Indeed, it is rare to find someone that can articulate what they were born to accomplish.  Many believe that their life has no purpose.  On the other hand, many people know what they are interested in, and what they’d like to do with their life.  But they are often plagued with self-doubts, especially whenbombarded by the criticisms of their parents or friends, so their dreams never take root.  Their dreams never become actions.

The illiteracy of purpose that plagues so many is independent of intelligence.  Consider how many college students are struggling to declare a major?  Many college graduates regret their choice, and after graduation, many go back to study something entirely different.  A tremendous amount of resources are wasted when this occurs.  So, there must be a better way.

As modern societies become more complex, so do the choices that must be made, as each person struggles to align their will with the needs of society.  Making the proper choices requires knowledge, specifically the knowledge of your purpose in life.  The recently published book “Understanding Human Evolution and the Nine Human Endeavors Reveals the Purpose and Meaning of Life” provides fresh insights into the human condition that have never been published.  These insights have applications that are personal, professional, and scientific.

Understanding human evolution is indispensable to scientists, especially psychologists and economists, since the greater part of human evolution was accomplished through psychological adaptations that aimed to resolve long standing economic problems.  And it is indispensable to professionals that require insights into human behavior, such as human resource, marketing, and life coaching consultants.  However, the real value in understanding human evolution is in how it can provide guidance to individualsseeking growth, maturity, and success.

The key revelation in the story of human evolution is that humans are born with one of nine distinct personality types, and each personality type evolved for a specific purpose, meaning that each type is preprogrammed with the skills, abilities, and functional adaptations for a specific endeavor.  Thus, there are nine human endeavors.  Understanding the nine human endeavors opens the door to understanding what it means to be a human being.

Evolution has endowed every human being with the skills, abilities, and functional adaptations needed for one of the nine human endeavors.  Mastering one of the nine human endeavors may take a lifetime.  However, some individuals may work toward the mastery of two or more endeavors, either on their own volition, or with the help of a teacher.  Indeed, the possibilities are infinite.

Irrespective of whether they are conscious of it, every human being yearns to master the Nine Human Endeavors.This yearning is generally experienced as a beacon that operates on a subconscious level.Many individuals experience this beacon as a guide to their “calling” in life.  That is because the beacon provides guidance and direction so that every individual can align themselves with their evolutionary purpose.  However, the beacon fails to properly guide most individuals for a few reasons.

Modern societies have created a culture where the awareness of the individual is focused outward, which prevents individuals from developing the inner awareness that is needed to properly align with one’s evolutionary purpose.  The tendency to focus on others, rather than focus on one’s inner experience, is responsible for the superficial narcissism that is prevalent today.  The problem is exacerbated by a lack of societal supports for the development of self-awareness.

There are “teachers” that promise to help in the development of self-awareness, but where they fall short is in helping you to align yourself with your evolutionary purpose.  That is because most teachers of “self-awareness” see the role of the Ego to be the problem rather than the solution.Such teachers will help you to develop greater self-awareness, and to use that self-awareness to deconstruct the Ego, taking you further away from your evolutionary purpose.  This occurs because few teachers have the wisdom to understand that the development of self-awareness is important because it supports the Ego, and as a support to the ego, self-awareness allows an individual to align themselves with their purpose in life.

Unfortunately, many teachers see the Ego as being the source of all the problems experienced by the individual.  The fallacy that the ego is the source of problems has led to the development of many teachings and paths that aim to deny, sublimate, or destroy the ego.  Naturally, these teachings and paths are rarely aligned with the evolutionary purpose of the individual, and so they do a great disservice to the individual, and an even greater disservice to the human species.

Evolution operates by authority of the Laws of the Universe, to ensure that life succeeds whenever and wherever possible.  The primary mechanism of evolution is to create the basic parameters of behavior that each species must follow for survival.  The success of every species and the individual members within a species depends on conformity with the behaviors that are expected by evolution.  Humans must also conform as no creature is immune to the expectations or authority of evolution.  There are no exceptions to this rule.

In the case of humans, evolution has very high expectations of behavior, and those expectations are very clear.  Every human is expected to contribute to the advancement of the human species, by aligning themselves with their evolutionary purpose, according to the skills, abilities, and functional adaptations of their Enneatype (Enneagram type).  Alignment necessarily requires every human to be conscious of the strengths and weaknesses of their Enneatype, so that their strengths can be applied in a meaningful way, while at the same time they work to mitigate their weaknesses.

Also, every human being is expected to align themselves with the Nine Human Virtues, by exemplifying the attitudes, behaviors, and actions that are consistent with each virtue.  The objective religions of the world teach some variation of the Nine Human Virtues, with some that are in near-perfect alignment, and others that teach a simplified version.  However, the origin of the Nine Human Virtues traces to the most proficient Fourth Way Schools.

Every individual begins their journey by asking “What is my purpose in life?”.  Your path to discovery begins with the realization of your Enneatype, followed by an understanding of the mission you were born to accomplish.  Many people will recognize their Enneatype by simply reading the book “Understanding Human Evolution and the Nine Human Endeavors Reveals the Purpose and Meaning of Life”.  This book describes the Nine Human Endeavors, along with the primary roles for each endeavor, providing knowledge and wisdom that is powerful, insightful, and timeless.

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Richard Colter
Richard Colter
Richard is the author of the book, “Understanding Human Evolution and the Nine Human Endeavors Reveals the Purpose and Meaning of Life”


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