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Quick and Easy Guide of Water Filter for Home

HomeWellnessQuick and Easy Guide of Water Filter for Home

Having access to clean and safe water is of paramount importance for every individual. Contaminated water is detrimental for health, both when the contaminants are biological and chemical. To preserve human health and to make life comfortable, it’s important to install a good water filter for home.

Access to clean water has multiple benefits, some of which are:

  • It gets rid of body toxins that enter our body through various sources like breathing in polluted air or eating food laden with insecticides, pesticides etc.
  • It keeps our body hydrated, which is essential for the proper functioning of various body parts.
  • It helps in maintaining the pH balance of the body, promoting digestion and enhancing the metabolic rate, which aids in maintaining a proper weight.
  • It regulates bowel movement and cleanses the colon, which is important to absorb all the essential nutrients and the list goes on.

As the markets are flooded with various types of water purifier filters varying in the technology used, features and prices, it’s important that you should know what to look for.

We want to make sure that you are looking to install the right water filtration system for your family to get clean drinking water.

Quality of Water

The water reaching your taps vary in quality depending on the source of water. Often the one pumped from a lake or a pond has more of organic contaminants, which requires a UV water filter to make it safe and clean. An RO water filter for home is recommended if the source of water is a borewell containing a high percentage of dissolved inorganic compounds. The best bet for those who shift often is a complete package in the form of RO+ UV+UF+TDS control water filter. This is equipped to deal with all kinds of water contaminants that can pop up due to changing water quality at different places.

water purifier

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Look into Running and Maintenance Costs

The upfront cost of buying a water purifier filter alone is not the right measure of comparing the machines on the price aspect. You should look into the running and maintenance costs too as they are more important being recurring in nature. The filters and cartridges present in the water filter have a fixed life and need replacement at a certain frequency. Some filters cost substantially and hence both the operating and the maintenance costs should be included when comparing the water filter models.

Buy a Branded Product

There are both branded and unbranded products available in the market. Always go for the product from a reputed brand to have complete peace of mind. The branded product might appear a bit costly than the unbranded one, but the quality of filters and cartridges used in it are far superior to non-branded products. The branded products also use genuine parts, which are not detrimental to health and have comparatively lesser operating and maintenance costs. They have pan country reach and an extensive network of service centers so that you can easily get parts and service all over the country.

Thus, water filter for home is an essential appliance and keeping the above-discussed things in mind will help you in making the right and informed choice.

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