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Robot Vacuums for Hard Floors – Things to Know

HomeWellnessRobot Vacuums for Hard Floors – Things to Know

Robot Vacuums are an intelligent creation of technology which has empowered us to maintain the cleanness; and places with continuous activity like lounges, houses with children and pets can become untidy very quickly. So, you need something that will help you maintain your major cleaning chore.

Robot Vacuums cleaners may certainly not compete with by-hand deep cleaning or even with manual vacuum cleaners because they are many turns smaller than them and their components which help them clean are also more modest, but they can help maintain cleanness.

These Robot-Vacs can handle pet hairs, dirt, debris or other small trash.

Robot Vacuum for Hard Floors

Below mentioned are all the factor to consider while buying a robot vacuum cleaner for hard floors. You need to look for these factors, some of them are not a compulsion, but they will bring more comfort.

Covered Area:

Measure or take the approximate idea of the area you wish to cover with your robot vacuum cleaner. Some robot cleaners work better in smaller places because they are designed for that while others work better in more significantareas of up to 2000 square feet.

Also, consider the path of the robot vacuum cleaner – hard to reach places like under the sofas or any other possible barrier in its way.

Do You Have Pets?

Some robot vacuum cleaner can handle pets better with their design capabilities. They can pick dog fur and cat hairs very quickly and with certainty.

Robot vacuum cleaners come with the HEPA filter installed, which kills all allergic bacteria from the air and purifies the air. But you need to clean you need to pay attention towards maintenance more frequently. Clean its brushes, clear the bin and change the filters.

Wi-Fi Connectivity:

You can control your robot vacuum cleaner through your mobile; some of the robot cleaners also come with an app to control your robot cleaner. Through this app, you can also connect your robot cleaner with your Google Home or Alexa.

Doesn’t matter where ever you can order your robot cleaner to start cleaning the house. Other vacuum cleaner does come with remote control in the box, and you can use that remote to operate your robot cleaner.

Battery Life:

Although these robot cleaners are mostly programmed to get back to their charging docks but considering battery life is good because having a bigger battery means that the Robo-cleaner will work with full efficiency for a longer time.

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Mapping capabilities are beneficial in cleaning your place in a better way. Robot cleaners come with cameras or laser reflectors which help them create a 360-degree view of the site and form a map of that area to navigate itself in that.

Mapping is helpful because the robot cleaner won’t clean the same place again un-necessarily. Through this feature, it can also resume cleaning from the same place where the battery died.

Boundary Limiter:

You wouldn’t want to spoil your robot vacuum cleaner by allowing it in an area where there is a risk of falling or your kid’s room. Robot vacuum cleaners can be prevented from going into a specific area by only using a magnetic tape which tells its sensors to turn back.

In the latest models, you can draw a virtual line to stop your robot cleaner from going into any area, using its app.


Dimensions of the vacuum cleaner matter a lot because of few reasons, If the vacuum cleaner is tall, then it won’t be able to go into low clearance area like dressers, sofas or under the tables.

The second thing is that the bigger vacuum cleaners have more significant bins which means you don’t have to clear the container daily; it can run a couple of cleaning cycles without the need to be cleaned. Choosing a size depends upon your requirement, and you need to decide which one works better for you.


The shape of the vacuum cleaner affects its capability to clean straight corner place like along a wall. A D-shaped vacuum cleaner can clean better along a wall in comparison to the circular-shaped vacuum cleaner.

Assign a Budget:

Settle down on a budget to buy your new robot vacuum cleaner; they can cost anywhere from 200$ to 1000$ and above depending on its features.

Which robot vacuum to buy depends upon you which features you consider necessary in the vacuum cleaner and which ones are an option. A good vacuum cleaner will last for some years which means it is not money waster, But always spend the money according to your budget.

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