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5 Ways Reading Habits Rewire Brain Plasticity

HomeInsights5 Ways Reading Habits Rewire Brain Plasticity

Imagine the film of a camera. Pretend that the film represents your brain. Now imagine using the camera to take a picture of a car. When a picture is taken, the film is exposed to new information — that of the image of a car. In order for the image to be retained, the film must react to the light and adapt  to record the image of the car.

Similarly, for new knowledge to be retained in memory, changes in the brain representing the new knowledge must occur. Brain Plasticity or primarily known as neuroplasticity makes all of this possible. It helps brain restructure physically, mentally, emotionally, environmentally and more. Moreover, brain plasticity is a milestone which extensively benefits a child’s development especially while recovering from an injury, boosting the abilities of the memories and helping them with effective learning.

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There are various games and teasers for kids that help in their overall development and rewire brain plasticity. However, scientists Timothy Keller and Marcel Just from Carnegie Mellon University, have uncovered an evidence that proves how reading can positively alter brain tissue in young children, thus improving the communication within the brain. Reading is like a work-out for the brain that keeps various parts of the brain intact in the older age and this is successfully backed by research undertaken by the online issue of the journal Neurology. However, there are certain habits of reading that help in rewiring the brain plasticity if practiced regularly.

1.       Fun Reading

It’s believed that during early development stages of a child, enhancing reading skills should not necessarily be about studies or exam. Children should read the books that suit their interests. In fact, a study by The Guardian clearly states that reading for fun, boosts the neurological powers of a child. Not only that, the study also states that, reading interesting content boosts the child’s reading vocabulary, mathematics, spellings and encourages intellectual progress. Imitating the characters from the book, asking your child to act or draw the characters can also help extensively. Involving family members while undertaking fun reading activities also yields positive results in this unique concept.

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2.       Reading Fiction

Fiction plays a pivotal role in mounting imagination and embracing different worlds. It extensively helps in understanding what others think and feel. A study conducted by Emory University states that reading a novel may lead to variations in resting-state connectivity of the brain. Moreover, the lead Author and Director of Emory’s Centre for Neuropolicy also states that, “stories shape our lives and, in some cases, help define a person.,” So, if your child is opting to read fiction, rest assured he/she is definitely boosting brain health and enhancing the reading comprehension skills.


3.       Readout to Children

Every person enjoys a story but narration by a friend or a family member, makes it more engaging. Similarly, when parents or teachers narrate a story to a child, he/she starts associating it with current experiences. In fact, Tzipi Horowitz-Kraus- the program director for Cincinnati Children Hospital’s department of Reading and Literacy Discovery and paediatrician Dr. John S. Hutton state that reading out to a child immensely affects the child’s behaviour and academic performance. Also, children who are avid readers are attentive, have great concentration, high literacy and improved vocabulary. Furthermore, ‘comprehension’ is a boon and so reading comprehensive books instil deeper meaning of the story, thus helping kids in the long run. As a parent you can also design various reading comprehension strategies which will boost brain plasticity furthermore.

Source: ABCReading

4.  A trip to the Library

For any bibliophile, a library is their sanctuary. A one-stop destination that provides a safe and positive haven for the young readers. Introduction to new stories, reading activities, art zones, family areas, interactive games are some of the factors that cater to brain development along with improving literacy skills, analytical skills and overall growth of a child. Libraries infuse the feeling of love for books and so coming up with a home library is a blessing in disguise. Growing up in the midst of books will not only increase brain power but will also treat the kids with an epoch of knowledge. This has been successfully backed by a research undertaken by Social Science Research . According to them, when adolescents are exposed to larger home libraries, it enhances their long-term cognitive abilities like numeracy and literacy.

Source: Teleread

5.       Introduction to E-Books

With the advancements in technology booming day by day, parents around the world are getting tech savvy. While the new age parents are at the top of their game, they are making sure that their children are also winners in this race. E-books do exactly that. They maintain a balance between the new phenomenon of the digital age while keeping the core values of reading alive. The pictures, audio, fonts and much more makes the child immensely comfortable. Moreover, with e-books, children can repeatedly read any content that then helps them to boost their literacy skills. Frontiers in Psychology concluded that young children enjoy e-books more than the paper-bounds. It furthermore stated that toddlers who read e-books showcased attentiveness, positive attitude and readiness to read than the ones who read printed versions.

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So, now that we know how to improve memory and rewire brain plasticity; let’s add more to your children’s learning with Aychu’s adventurous journey where she fights for justice against the enemies of Nature! Aychu, Guardian of the Green is completely designed keeping in mind the childhood development psychology. You can witness the heroic acts of Aychu on our YouTube channel and check out the latest E-comics on Google Play, Amazon, Apple Books, Kobo. Additionally, you can also subscribe to Aychu’s regular blogs, and follow her on Facebook and Instagram  too!

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Aychu Guardian
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