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How Are Small Businesses Coping With Social Distancing?

HomeEducationalHow Are Small Businesses Coping With Social Distancing?

The coronavirus, or COVID-19, has hit the world hard. With the number of cases worldwide increasing daily, many countries are imposing quarantines and social distancing. These practices have hit the economy hard. Large corporations are doing their best to weather the storm by tapping into financial reserves and taking out loans. Small businesses have a harder time taking advantage of these. They have been forced to adapt or go bankrupt. The following are just a few of the changes many have made.

Going Virtual

Unable to meet in offices, many companies are moving online. Companies are using Facetime, Google Hangouts, Zoom, and other streaming services to meet virtually. This practice has made businesses aware of the tools that these services offer. Although they can’t completely replace the benefits of in-person meetings, features such as breakout rooms, chat windows, and hand raising, have shown that business meetings can be conducted effectively online. When social distancing ends, chances are you’ll have to go back to the office. However, we may see a decrease in business trips as companies choose to conduct virtual meetings rather than flying across the country to meet in person.

Changing Practices

Many businesses have seen that they can gain the trust of customers by changing their practices to increase sanitation. By responding to their customers’ fear of getting infected, businesses are showing that they care. Small dealerships are trying to emphasize the sanitation when buying a car. You will see workers sanitize surfaces as you enter and exit the vehicle. This is in effort to help combat concerns regarding sanitation when buying a car. Many restaurants are offering curb-side pickup only. To avoid contact, they place the food on the hood of your car and then allow you to retrieve it.

Employee Changes

The government is offering incentives to those companies that manage to keep their employees during social distancing. As such, most companies are doing everything they can to avoid letting employees go. As business dwindles, many are changing the roles of their employees to give them productive work to perform while we all wait for the quarantines to end. Sadly, a company can’t bankrupt itself to avoid letting people go. In some cases, businesses are placing employees on temporary leave.

It is important to remember that our communities are only as strong as the ties that hold us together. Now is not the time for selfish tactics. As businesses work together to protect their employees and community, we will get through this crisis without too much harm. Businesses that are generous will find that they have earned the loyalty and gratitude of both customers and employees.

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