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Six Tips to Help Get Your Small Business Off the Ground

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Before starting a business, there are so many things to consider that, as soon as you dive into them, can make you abandon your dream of entrepreneurship.

However, you should be able to relish in the excitement of starting a small business without challenges killing your buzz before you even get started.

So, how do you make it so getting your business off the ground isn’t so daunting? Here are six tips to help your small business get up and running smoothly.

Pay Special Attention to Your Business Goals

Just committing to launching a company can stress you out. Of course, creating a business plan is ideal, but establishing clear goals can decrease your stress and help you figure out the first steps to get things off the ground.

For example, let’s say you want to run a global business. In that case, it’s best to perform a SWOT analysis to establish company-wide goals that address pressing business needs. Then, solicit input from your team, establish responsibilities, and monitor progress.

In addition to paying particular attention to your business goals, ensure your finances are in good standing before launching your small business.

Ensure Your Finances are in Good Standing

Finances are probably the most dreaded part of running a business. Keeping your business finances organized, ensuring you’re turning a profit each month, finding ways to scale, managing inventory, paying employees — all of it can be difficult to manage. 

Ensuring your finances are in good standing before your business gets off the ground can help ease financial stress. First, assess your current financial situation and be honest about how ready you are to start a small business. Also, if you have a considerable amount of debt, do your best to pay it off or down significantly before launching your business.

Furthermore, create a detailed financial plan regarding how you’ll fund your small business at the beginning. For instance, will you need a business loan or investors? Do you have savings or cash available to cover expenses?

Next, know and understand your target audience.

Know and Understand Your Target Audience

It’s a bad idea to try to be everything to everybody. Selling to a general audience isn’t going to get you much return.  Instead, know and understand your target audience so that you can make genuine connections with them that result in conversions.

Explore the following questions about your target audience:

  • How do they consume content?
  • How do they learn?
  • What’s the demographic information regarding my target audience?
  • What does my target audience struggle with daily?
  • How do these struggles impact their economic status, holistic health, and so forth?
  • What pain points do my products or services address for my target audience?
  • What prompts my target audience to make purchases in my industry?
  • What prompts my target audience to be loyal to a brand?
  • What is my target audience emotionally connected to?
  • How would it impact their lives if my target audience could solve particular pain points?

Furthermore, once you know and understand your target audience, it’ll be easier to provide them with a top-notch customer experience.

Focus on Customer Experience

It’s difficult to compete with the millions of small businesses out there unless you’ve got a plan to stand out.

One of the best ways to stand is through customer experience. You must focus on providing a customer experience that people can’t get anywhere else. The customer experience starts when someone is introduced to your brand and, hopefully, won’t end for years.

To get that sort of brand loyalty, ensure your customers are covered and cared for at every angle. For instance, create marketing content that draws them in, take care of their customer service issues promptly, tend to customers throughout the entire buyer’s journey, and continue the relationship after the first purchase.

Another tip to help get your small business off the ground is establishing an online presence.

Establish an Online Presence

Your business isn’t going to get off the ground as quickly as you want it to without an online presence. Sure, there are brick-and-mortar businesses out there surviving without a digital presence. There are even online businesses skating by with just a website.

However, your best bet is to establish a solid online presence to boost your success. Your website can act as a “home base” for your online presence, but you can bolster it with a social media presence, email list, search engine optimization strategy, and paid ads.

In addition, be sure to prioritize data and web security to ensure your visitors are protected no matter the digital channel they use to engage with your business .

Lastly, prioritize a healthy work-life balance.

Maintain a Healthy Work-Life Balance

Small business owners aren’t just owners. They’re customer service reps, bookkeepers, marketers, salespeople, management, and human resources all rolled into one. In other words, you’ll wear many hats when you start your business.

This could mean long hours and hardly any personal life. As a result, you’ll end up burning out, losing motivation, and maybe your business too. So, create a healthy work-life balance.

Of course, go all-in when building your business, but know when to turn it off at the end of the night. Give your mind and body a break each day by unplugging and immersing yourself in family life, friendships, personal passions, and so forth.

Ultimately, your business is a big thing, but it isn’t everything.


Getting a small business off the ground is much more manageable than most people think. However, for the best chance at real small business success, you must remain dedicated, strategic, and flexible throughout your entrepreneurial journey. By implementing the six tips above, you’ll be well on your way to running the business of your dreams for the long term.

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