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Is a bachelor’s degree Not for You? Try These Things Instead

HomeEducationalIs a bachelor's degree Not for You? Try These Things Instead

Higher education is becoming an increasingly necessary prerequisite to landing a good job. The most common path to higher education is pursuing a bachelor’s degree. While graduating with a bachelor’s degree is an impressive achievement, it’s not the only way to start a successful career. If pursuing a bachelor’s degree is not the right choice for you, there are many alternative options. Read on to find out more!

Online Certifications

There are many reasons why you might want to look into online certification programs instead of a four-year degree. Unlike most bachelor’s degree programs, online certification programs are narrowly focused and tailored to give you the core foundational skills needed to get you into the career you want. Because these programs are more specialized and specific, they require much less time to complete than a traditional bachelor’s degree; many people finish their certification programs in as little as a few months.

One popular online certification program is real estate. There are many options for getting your real estate license online. If you are interested in finishing a certification quickly so you can get out into the job market, an online program might be right for you.

Trade School

One often under-recognized method of higher education is trade schools. Trade schools are much less expensive than a bachelor’s degree, and they often offer higher salaries. Trade schools are enticing because they offer hands-on training which can give you the necessary tools to hit the ground running in terms of your career. Some trade schools also offer job placement assistance and can match you with local employers after your graduation.

Join the Military

Joining the military can be beneficial in many ways. In addition to job security, a competitive salary, free healthcare, and retirement with benefits, the military also provides help with tuition while you’re in service. Soldiers in the military have access to a multitude of online learning programs. After your service is complete, you can use the GI bill to help pay the rest of your tuition.

Pursuing a four-year bachelor’s degree is not the only way to set yourself up for a successful future. Online certification programs, trade schools, and the military are only three of the many available options out there. You could also look into attending a community college, try an internship, apply for an apprenticeship or fellowships, or consider taking a gap year. Your future is your own! Take some time to consider all your options and choose the one that is best for you.

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