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Areas of Your Home That Are Vulnerable to Flooding

HomeEducationalAreas of Your Home That Are Vulnerable to Flooding

Your home is always at risk of being damaged by the natural elements. Despite our many attempts, humanity has not been able to find a way to completely eliminate the risk of home damage. Perhaps the most common and catastrophic home damage that we say time and time again comes from water damage and flooding. Flooding and water damage may be intense, but since it puts more strain on certain areas of your home than others, by fortifying certain areas you can protect your home better against flood damage. Here are the three areas of your home that are most vulnerable to flooding.

Your Bathroom

The first area of your home that is at a heightened risk of flooding and water damage is your bathrooms. While your bathrooms may not be the first place you think of for storm related water damage, it is a site for pipe and plumbing related leaks and floods. In order to keep your bathroom safe, you should make sure that you inspect the pipes and plumbing regularly for leaks. You should also regularly look for signs of water damage and take steps immediately to rectify the situation should water damage be found.

The Basement

If it’s not your bathroom, then it will likely be your basement that is the next most vulnerable area of your home for flooding. This is because water is always going to flow to the lowest possible area, your basement being the lowest level of your home. During storms in particular, flood water and storm water is most likely to find its way into your basement. Make sure that you have properly sealed off the windows and doors of your basement. Mold and mildew may be a sign of water damage in your basement, so keep an eye out for those.

Your Crawlspace

The final area of your home that is vulnerable to flooding and water damage is your crawlspace. Not every home has a crawlspace, but if you do have one, it is particularly susceptible to flood damage. The crawlspace is typically one of the lowest down areas of your home, which will draw water towards it. Make sure that you are waterproofing your crawl space to keep water damage at bay.

Your home is constantly at risk of taking on water damage. But certain areas of your home are more susceptible to water damage than others. Take extra care with protecting these three areas of your home to keep your home flood free.

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