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How Long Should You Wait before Reporting a Personal Injury lawsuit?

HomeEducationalHow Long Should You Wait before Reporting a Personal Injury lawsuit?

Under any serious incident, a certain period of time has to pass before you realize the extent and seriousness of your injuries. Also minor injuries and pain following an accident can last for weeks or months until you can determine the effect on your life. More severe injuries will need continuing medical attention, with no apparent end in sight.

If you’ve been involved in some sort of incident that seems like it was the responsibility of someone else, you might wonder what to expect in a normal case of personal injury, and how long it takes.

When should you file a personal Injury Claim?

How soon you need to report an accident will depend on whether you’re dealing with an insurance claim or filing a case for personal injury. If you were injured in an car accident, read on to learn more about how to legally defend yourself in both cases.

If you are not seeking medical attention for your injury, you need not wait for a petition to be made. In fact, whether we are thinking about an insurance policy or a personal injury lawsuit, it is a good idea to get the process started.

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Could you get an extension to the statute of limitations on traffic accidents?

If you missed the deadline for filing a complaint about your car accident or do not have time to file, an extension may be necessary.

Be mindful, however, that extensions are only usually given in limited cases. For example, if a person is injured due to the incident and is thus unable to file a lawsuit, the court can grant an extension. That also needs evidence of medicine.

There may be other variations, and exceptions. For more information on these, it is best to speak to a car accident attorney, because they need additional documentation.

After a personal accident, be sure you:

  • After a personal injury, visit your doctor immediately, even if you are not sure you’re hurt.

The first thing you can do after unintentionally hurting yourself is get medical attention. That means if you even have the slightest feeling of being injured, visit your doctor immediately. It is not only the best thing to do with your safety, but if you don’t see a doctor after an accident for some time, the insurance adjuster and the jury will generally conclude that your injuries aren’t that severe.

  • Talk to an attorney before determining whether to accept a settlement offer for an insurance policy

It’s typically a good idea to at least negotiate the case with a personal injury lawyer about something other than a very minor lawsuit. You can handle a minor claim of personal injury yourself, but you do certainly need an attorney on any allegation of personal injury where you have sustained serious injury or the other side is battling over key issues

Typically speaking, whether you’re out of work for more than a few days, whether you break a bone, or if your medical bills reach more than a few thousand dollars, you can talk to a lawyer, and you may want to see some of them.

  • Take pictures of the accident scene and record what you can recall

Lawyer checks medical reports, and reviews them

Some of your lawyer should do first things is interview you. The prosecutor would like to know what you know about the crash, your injury and your medical care. Lawyers don’t want to be shocked, so make sure to answer all the questions as thoroughly as possible.

Next, the prosecutor will collect all of the injury-related medical reports and expenses, and will possibly also collect the medical history for every care you have ever received in the case involving the illness at issue. This can take months to complete.

Time period for filing your judgment in court

There is a state law for any kind of litigation which sets a time limit for going to court and getting the case filed. This legislation is called a statute of limitations, and different types of cases have different deadlines. A car crash, slip and fall, dog bite, or similar case form would be regulated by the statute of limitations of personal injury in your state.

Even if you’re actually only interested in an insurance dispute, it’s necessary to bear in mind the statute of limitations in case you ever need to file a lawsuit.

If you or a loved one were injured in a crash, the experienced Personal Injury Attorney Los Angeles is here for you. We appreciate the value of making a claim as early as possible, so you don’t lose out on the compensation you are due. We have a long track record of fighting vigorously for the interests of our clients. If you need assistance in filing for a claim for a traffic accident, contact our Car Accident Attorney Los Angeles on time.

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