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    Any form of body art is unwelcome in many parts of the world. In some countries, having a tattoo is considered illegal or shameful. Haven’t you seen those movies where the good people are all clean and tidy while the bad ones have massive and multiple tattoos on their bodies?

    This is because they are associated with something that can harm society. In most Asian countries, for example, having a tattoo is looked upon as a crime. This is because it has associations with the old Japanese mafia, Yakuza.

    Tattoos are considered to be taboo in some societies and are looked down upon in some professional areas. However, if you are a lawyer and have been planning to get a tattoo done, you surely can.

    Can Lawyers Have Tattoos?

    Even though earlier it was not an option, with the development of the countries and mentality of people of the world, lawyers can have tattoos. Nowadays, we can see many lawyers with tattoos. This is because these tattoos do not harm the quality of their work. This is the reason why having a tattoo is allowed. 

    In other words, as long as the lawyer can do his or her job while maintaining the decorum of the position, having a tattoo will not affect their job. To simplify it further, if you are a lawyer, you can have a tattoo.

    Restrictions On Tattoos For Lawyers

    Life has never been easy, has it? Even though we have made it clear that you can have a tattoo even if you are a lawyer or are planning to become one, there are some restrictions that you have to abide by.

    Some of the restrictions are:

    • No abusive language as a tattoo
    • No abusive symbol as a tattoo
    • The tattoo has to be covered.

    Because of all these restrictions, many lawyers are very conscious of their tattoos. They have to make sure that before any court appearance, they cover or conceal their tattoos. As we said, societies are improving and developing, but it is not yet developed!

    There are different types of lawyers, and there are different rules for each of them. But if there is one thing that everyone in the judiciary is equally treated for, then it is the tattoo.

    Not only are the lawyers meant to abide by this rule, but it is also meant to be followed by everyone who works in the law firm. Even the staff who work at the law firms the lawyers, the secretaries, and the clerks, have to mandatorily abide by this no visibility rule in case of tattoos.


    Tattoo Designs With Meanings: Lawyer Edition

    Tattoos are said to hold a lot of meaning for the ones who get them done. They can be a form of self-expression. This is the reason why many people tend to get them done. Lawyers are no exception. Everybody wants to know how much money lawyers make, but if you want to know about tattoos for lawyers, you have found the right place.

    With that being said, here are the top 5 tattoos with meanings for lawyers:

    1. The Lady Of Liberty 

    You may have already guessed it. It is the Statue of Liberty that we are talking about. Most people are aware that the lady in the Statue of Liberty stands for freedom (liberty). But only a few people know that the statue also is a symbol of Justice. This is the reason why many people have the Lady of Liberty tattooed on their bodies.

    How you want the tattoo to look depends on you. Do you want it to be realistic? Do you want it to be cute and cartoonish? Do you want to get just the silhouette of the Lady of Liberty inked? Decide, and there you have it!

    2. The Word Justice

    This is one of the most important words in the life of a lawyer. This is something that lawyers work hard to deliver in society. They work against injustice and stand for Justice.

    When you decide to get the word ‘Justice’ tattooed on your body, there are many things that you can do. Do you want to keep it serious, or do you want to keep it playful? You may choose to simply write the word for the minimalist effect. You may also go overboard and ask your tattoo artist to be creative with their skills.

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    3. Justitia

    In Roman mythology, Justicia is one of the Horae. She is popularly known as the goddess of Justice. Hence, the name Justitia. So if you want to keep it subtle and not mention the word Justice in your tattoo, this is a good option for you.

    How does it look? Simple. It is a woman with a Renaissance body type, blindfolded with a piece of cloth that covers her eyes. She carries the scale of Justice in one hand and a sword to punish the evildoers in the other.

    4. The Scale Of Justice

    The Scale of Justice is one of the most popular tattoo designs in the world. People across every profession have done it, so it is not just limited to lawyers. But does that mean that a lawyer cannot have it? Not.

    It is one of the most meaningful designs for the lawyer who works hard to deliver Justice to the people. If you are thinking about getting a simple tattoo, this one’s for you.

    5. The Word ‘law’

    If this is not one of the most important words in the life of a lawyer, then we do not know what is. If you are a lawyer, the law is something you are bound to know the best. All your life, this is something that you are dealing with and will continue to deal with. Therefore, many people, lawyers, get the word ‘LAW’ inked on their bodies.

    You can keep the design minimum and just write the three alphabets. You may choose to write it in English or any other language. There are multiple options.

    Or, you can also go a little extra and make your tattoo artist draw something that has the word law written on it. The design can be anything: a book of law or a sword with the word ‘law’ inscribed on it. The choice is yours.

    What are the other restrictions that lawyers have to abide by when it comes to tattoos?

    There are a few more that lawyers have to abide by when it comes to tattoos. For instance, some law firms may have their policies regarding tattoos, which may prohibit visible tattoos altogether, or may require them to be covered at all times. Additionally, tattoos that are considered offensive or inappropriate may also be banned. It is important for lawyers to be aware of these restrictions and to ensure that their tattoos do not interfere with their professional image or duties.

    Final Words

    It does not matter where you are in the world; the rules for the no-visibility of tattoos for lawyers are equal all over the world. The lawyers and the attorneys, therefore, can have tattoos. But they should make sure that these are not visible. Not while they appear in the courts and not even in their law firms.

    But if they are not visible to the eyes, if they are covered and hidden well, you can be safe. Many lawyers have tattoos. Some of them are heavily filled, while others keep it small. The ones mentioned above in the article are five of the best meaningful tattoos that lawyers can have. So if you want to get one done, go for it!

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