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What You Should Know About the Ingredients in Cannabis

HomeEducationalWhat You Should Know About the Ingredients in Cannabis

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Since Cannabis has been really hitting the news and politics lately, it is important that you become well-versed in the differences between cannabis ingredients. You may be surprised to learn that most of these compounds are not intoxicating.


Hemp…CBG…marijuana…CBD…sometimes it is easy to mistake which is which and what benefits they are associated with. While CBG and CBD seem to be very similar in composition and effects, when you take a closer look, they are actually two very different things.

Normally, when the cannabis plant is harvested, its strains contain much more CBD than CBG, or cannabigerol. CBG is most common when the cannabis plant is slightly more mature—but not too mature. It has taken cannabis specialists and researchers several tries to finally pinpoint the right stage for harvesting cannabis when it contains the most CBG. So, in reality, CBG is much harder to come by. Furthermore, CBG provides unique health benefits that CBD does not. While CBD only indirectly communicates with cell receptors within the body, CBG directly connects with receptors, making its healing and therapeutic effects more potent.  


Now it’s time to add even another term to the mix—CBDA. Also known as cannabidiolic acid, CBDA is one of the cannabis sativa plant’s most common compounds. And, with a little heat and time, becomes the beloved CBD oil that everyone is familiar with.

CBDA, like CBG, interacts with the body in a unique way—one that is different from regular CBD or hemp. CBDA works directly with the body’s endocannabinoid system and tends to affect the body’s serotonin levels. You may have heard about serotonin before—it is also called the ‘happy hormone’ and for a good reason. Serotonin plays a critical role in human functioning and mental health. Taking CBDA could help improve your sleep, digestion, and mental stability.


Unfortunately, THCA is not yet on the market. However, researchers are beginning to discover its potential effects and benefits. One day, it is fairly likely that this compound found in cannabis will be just as widely utilized as CBDA and CBG.

You may have heard of THC, or the intoxicating chemical that makes marijuana a recreational drug. Rest assured that THCA is NOT the same thing as THC. Rather, it is the non-intoxicating ‘parent’ of THC who, with a little heat, becomes THC. So far, scientists are beginning to recognize the benefits of THCA which may include healing capabilities for cancer, arthritis, and neurodegenerative diseases.

Hopefully, you learned something new about cannabis. It truly is a plant with so much potential. Give CBG or CBDA a try—who knows, in doing so you just may find the perfect remedy to your chronic pain or depression.

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