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Why Bringing Your Employees Back to the Office Could Be Premature

HomeEducationalWhy Bringing Your Employees Back to the Office Could Be Premature

As a business owner, you are probably dying to get your employees back to the office. COVID-19 has changed the way people interact and do business with one another. However, there may be some reasons you do not want to bring your employees back right now. Here is why:

Winter is Coming

Epidemiologists are unsure how rampant the virus will be this upcoming winter—though the preliminary signs are not looking good. Some scientists are guessing that COVID-19 will be more likely to spread this winter. Because of this higher likelihood of spread, bringing your employees back to the office might be a tad premature.

While you certainly can take the risk and mitigate the spread through mask wearing and social distancing, remote work is the most certain way to stop it. Find ways to better manage your remote employees and take time to hunker down this winter. You may need it.

Risks to Your Employees

If your company employs a significant number of immunocompromised individuals, you may want to negate the idea of office work until the virus is old news. If an employee happens to carry the virus into your place of business and they are not aware of it, they may endanger lives unknowingly.

Your employees should be your top priority. If someone was sick, you should spend a day or two sanitizing your office. It can take up to 2 hours to disinfect the average office space. Mandating remote work is safer and is more likely to keep your employees from becoming anxious.

In-Person Projects Put on Hold

Depending on your type of work, you might have employees working on deep, in-person projects. Switching to remote work when your employees are in the middle of a project that requires in-person attention is not just annoying, but it wastes money. Getting people started on these projects while COVID-19 might surge again is irresponsible business.

Come up with projects your teams can work on remotely. Have them make a list of projects they will do when they are able to work in person again. Once the virus is overcome, they will be able to return to a long list of projects.

If you are uncertain about how your business should be run during the pandemic, make sure you are paying attention to COVID-19 news coverage. If COVID-19 seems to be declining in its transmission rate and significance, you are probably more likely to open in a safer economy.

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