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How To Help Impatient Buyers Find A Home and Things to Keep in Mind

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Buying the perfect dream home isn’t easy. Just finding a home that matches your taste can take ages, and there’s no guarantee that the price will be compatible with your chosen budget. Still, there’s a significant portion of buyers that simply don’t have the patience for this process. As an agent, you’ve probably encountered quite a few of these types of buyers. When trying to find a home for them, you need to make sure that their impatience doesn’t land them a mediocre deal. Here’s how you can handle the situation and give them the home of their dreams.

Give them extra time to think about things

It’s hard to overstate how important it is to buy the right home. It’s not exactly a monthly purchase, and it’s an investment that will last you a long while. Many Australian homeowners will only buy one home and decide to live there for good, which is why making the right purchase is so crucial. 

To make a confident and decisive purchase, buyers need to have time to mull things over. Tell them to make a list of pros and cons for any given house that they’re checking out. This will buy you some time and quench their impatience. They’ll also realize that there’s no need to be in a rush and that they have all the time in the world to think about their decision.

Ask for constant feedback

Impatient buyers won’t be rushing to give you their opinion on every single home. However, this is exactly what they should be doing. Encouraging them to communicate their wants and needs will stall their impatience and give you a good idea of what kind of home they want to purchase.

Provide more information about all the options you’ve found and allow enough time for the buyers to think them over. The more information you give, the more time they’ll need to process all of this. It’s a surefire way to stall the process and give yourself time to find even better options.

Overview of their budget

Lots of Australian home buyers often rush into buying a new place, sometimes to the detriment of their budget. It’s hard to say what expenses will be like for a home if it isn’t completely ready for moving in. This leads to buyers ending up with a deficit that they did not anticipate. 

Tell your buyers to review their budget and account for all unexpected expenditures that they might encounter once inside the home. If they can set aside even more funds, that would be great. If not, advise them to not rush into a purchase without doing a thorough overview of their budget.

Present diverse options

Sometimes, buyers will want their home right now, even though most real estate options don’t allow them to make purchases that quickly. There’s always a long and arduous process between tasks like closing the deal and organizing renovations. However, there’s no reason you can’t present them with diverse options that might allow for a quick purchase. 

A popular practice in Australia is buying pre-designed display homes. They’re created with different designs and tastes in mind, so it isn’t unlikely that your buyer will stumble upon one that they adore. Depending on where your buyers currently live, they can immediately go to visit and check out various display homes in Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, and other cities. It’s a practice that attracts buyers in a rush, and it provides them with the results that they want. 

Understand what’s pushing them to rush into a home purchase

There are a few factors that lead people to rush into a home purchase. Sometimes it’s their financial situation, while other times it’s all about the current state of the Australian housing market. If home prices are uncertain, you can bet that buyers will want to get in while it’s hot, so that they can get a much better price.

While laymen might be nervous about home prices, any agent should be well aware of the state of the housing market. Even so, try to empathize with their worries and do your best to explain the situation. If there’s no actual risk of them losing out on an investment, they won’t be in as much of a rush.

10 things to keep in mind before buying your dream home

Buying a dream home is a significant and often complex process. Here are 10 important things to keep in mind before making this substantial investment:

  1. Budget and Affordability:
    • Consideration: Determine your budget and affordability. Factor in not only the purchase price but also closing costs, property taxes, maintenance, and potential homeowners association (HOA) fees.
  2. Location and Neighborhood:
    • Consideration: Evaluate the location and neighborhood. Assess proximity to work, schools, amenities, safety, and future development plans in the area.
  3. Type of Property:
    • Consideration: Decide on the type of property that suits your lifestyle—whether it’s a single-family home, condominium, townhouse, or other options. Each has its own set of considerations.
  4. Future Growth and Resale Value:
    • Consideration: Investigate the potential for future growth and the resale value of the property. A home in a thriving or up-and-coming area may offer better long-term value.
  5. Property Inspection:
    • Consideration: Conduct a thorough property inspection. Hire a professional inspector to identify any structural issues, maintenance needs, or potential problems before finalizing the purchase.
  6. Legal and Zoning Compliance:
    • Consideration: Ensure the property complies with local zoning laws and regulations. Be aware of any restrictions or future developments that may impact your use of the property.
  7. Financing Options:
    • Consideration: Explore various financing options and mortgage rates. Compare lenders, understand the terms of the loan, and get pre-approved before house hunting.
  8. Resale Value:
    • Consideration: Assess the potential resale value of the property. Consider the property’s features and how they may appeal to future buyers if you decide to sell.
  9. Homeowners Association (HOA):
    • Consideration: If the property is part of an HOA, understand its rules, fees, and regulations. Determine whether the HOA aligns with your lifestyle preferences and financial capabilities.
  10. Long-Term Plans:
    • Consideration: Think about your long-term plans. Does the property suit your future needs? Consider factors such as family growth, job changes, and potential lifestyle adjustments.
  11. Legal Assistance:
    • Consideration: Consider seeking legal advice. A real estate attorney can help review contracts, ensure legal compliance, and provide guidance throughout the buying process.


While you can’t influence the patience of your buyers, there are a few other factors you can influence. Consult your buyers and make sure that they aren’t rushing into a bad purchase. Review every step of the buying process with them and give them lots of options to choose from. With enough of this kind of maneuvering, they’ll slow down and make better choices, giving you ample time to find their dream home for them.

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