How to Continue Quality Customer Service After the Point of Sale

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    Customer service does not have to end at the checkout counter. Businesses can continue offering quality customer service even after the sale by offering a product guarantee, responding to reviews, and promoting new releases to past customers.

    Offer a Product Guarantee

    Offer a product guarantee in case something goes wrong or the customer isn’t satisfied. Doing so goes above and beyond the minimum protections for customers, and shows your business’s dedication to your customers’ wellbeing. Offering a product guarantee also makes it easier for customers to buy from you again.

    Make sure that your customers are aware of the guarantee. Declare it clearly and obviously. Be specific and be as bold with the terms as you can. Offering a big guarantee may make you nervous that customers will take advantage of it, but the truth is that the percentage of customers who do so normally make up less than one percent of buyers.


    Respond to Reviews

    Responding to reviews—both positive and negative—can be easy while still making a big impact. Following up with reviewers, even if just to thank them for their review, shows that your business cares about every customer. Responding to negative reviews also shows that your business listens to constructive feedback and works to improve.

    89 percent of customers read your responses to reviews. Respond patiently to negative reviews, apologize, and sympathize with their experience. Take responsibility and try to make things right, if you can. When responding to positive reviews, thank the reviewer and reinforce the specific things the customer mentioned. Let the customer know you would love to have them return to your business and mention other products or services you offer.


    Promote New Releases

    Prioritizing existing customers when promoting new products is a great way to boost customer loyalty. When preparing for a new release, reach out to people who have bought from you before. This act demonstrates that your business values its old customers and that you care. Giving pre-existing customers firsthand access to news about new products and services introduces exclusivity, one of the basics of building customer loyalty. Showing that you value and remember your customers is a surefire way to continue your customer service even after customers’ purchases have been completed, so hold on to the contact info of those who buy.


    Don’t stop serving your customers after they’ve completed a purchase. By offering a product guarantee, responding to reviews, and promoting new releases to you pre-existing customers, your business can continue customer service even after the point of sale.

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