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    It is such a common sight to see Google popping up ads almost everywhere on the web, depending on your browsing behavior and interests. So, if you had carried out a search for bags, it is obvious that you are going to shown ads with bags and more bags.

    Your fetish for the bags may urge you to click on the ads, which will take you to a landing page with so much more to grab your attention. You tell your friends about the site and they browse to find nothing of what you told them about. Why is that? It’s because your clicking on the ad took you to a dynamic landing page and your friends will not find them while browsing from the website.

    Well, it is not a bait-click-and-run tactic, but a strategic way of bringing in more visitors. Basically, a dynamic landing page is a kind of personalized landing page on which the visitors see unique & relevant content that is created to offer a one-of-a-kind experience to the potential customer, which has been designed with great care to increase the conversion rate.

    BOXFinity is a renowned digital marketing agency in Hyderabad, where our web designing experts create visually appealing dynamic landing pages with aim of bringing in more visitors and for enhanced conversions.

    What Are Dynamic Landing Pages?

    Unlike the normal landing pages that are static, the dynamic landing pages change according to the visitor’s interests to be more appealing to them. These landing pages are built with a combination code along with other data-mining capabilities that will recognize the visitors and will reciprocate according to their interests.

    The page uses different key variables by understanding the location, interest, and requirements of the visitor and will display different messages to the different users accordingly.

    Although these dynamic landing pages are used majorly for the PPC campaigns, they can be optimized for organic searches also, as they align with the key search terms & match with the ad groups. When the landing page is visited by a user, the heading or a little of the body content changes to the content that match the search terms of the user, thereby attracting the user’s attention and enhancing the probability of conversion.

    Optimizing The Dynamic Landing Pages

    Another important benefit of using the dynamic landing pages is that they allow optimizing of the various sections of the page, unlike the other normal landing pages where only the headline can be optimized.

    The headline is undoubtedly the most important section of any page as it is going to tell the user what the landing page is all about, and so it is necessary for the headline to be self-explanatory & attractive enough to draw in more visitors.

    Apart from the headline, the body text is equally important as it is going to tell the user all the information needed to know, the website’s service & offering that is relevant to the visitor, how their needs will be met & taken care of, etc. In addition to the header & the body text, the other most important element is the call-to-action.

    With the regular landing pages, it is more like a gamble as to which term will echo to the users & they can be prompted just once by the marketers to take any action. However, with the dynamic landing pages, the call-to-action can be custom-made as per the requirements & variables. So, based on the user’s previous experience on the website, they may get the prompts accordingly.

    It is a known fact that Google ranks the website based on its content, and the site’s landing pages play a major role in it. Having a dynamic landing page is going to provide one of its kinds of experience to the visitors as they have personalized & more relevant content.

    So, the quality rating score is going to be high, and more importantly, it is going to be more relevant to the PPC campaigns, helping with better CPC. Also, they help the techno-marketers to test, learn and execute appropriate strategies for higher conversions.

    Customizing elements for a person has always had a better influence rather than the ‘one-size-fits-all’ concept. With the rising competition in the digital marketing field, it is essential that implement all the advanced techniques to stay on top of the game.

    And so, customizing your website elements & your PPC campaigns using user-specific search terms could help to a great extent in bringing in more web traffic & enhance the conversion rate. Also, having dynamic landing pages could help the marketers in carrying out easy A/B testing to know which search terms & variables resonate better with the user interests.

    At BOXFinity, one of the popular lead generation companies in Hyderabad, our techno-marketers will study & understand the user-behavior of your audience and will work on implementing suitable strategies for overall better business prospects. So, if you are looking for a better long-time strategy & for short-term achievement, think no longer and get in touch with us at BOXFinity, and invest in dynamic landing pages now for better ROI.

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