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Six Best Renovations to Add Value to Your Home

HomeWellnessSix Best Renovations to Add Value to Your Home

With these best renovations to add value to your home, the chances are that the house improvements will cost less than the value they will add to your home. Many homeowners are opting to undertake improvements to increase the value of their houses. If you are one, it is vital that you choose the right kind of upgrades to make. Some types of remodelling will add little value to a home; others will enhance it considerably. Here are six of the best renovations to add value to your home.

Refinish the Kitchen

A well-designed kitchen with modern amenities is an essential element in adding value to a home. After all, it is one of the most used rooms in the house. Because food is prepared here, it is important that the kitchen looks clean and tidy. New cabinets, countertops, modern light fixtures and upgraded appliances are often major considerations in order to keep the kitchen safe and avoiding cuts and burns.

Depending on the state of the kitchen, you might want to replace every aspect rather than refit it piecemeal. Adding new features while keeping the old worn-out ones will create a patchwork kitchen that will look just like what it is: An attempt to upgrade just for the sale.

In other cases, smaller touches might be sufficient to upgrade a newer kitchen. Replacement handles on the cabinets, a new countertop and a tiled floor can transform a room.

Give the Garage and Backyard Shed a New Look

Today’s shed is more than a place to keep your tools. It is also a storage area, a workshop, an office (you may surprise to hear that many successful companies have been started in a garage), and, in some cases, the place where the washing machine and drier are kept.

Garage improvements, therefore, can add considerably to a house’s appeal. Instead of being simply a utility room without any appeal, it should look inviting in its own way. Resurfacing the floor, which often becomes oil-stained and cracked over time, will add immensely to its appearance.

An epoxy coating will protect the new concrete floor or you could consider replacing the concrete with a brick or natural stone flooring. Moreover, installing artificial grass of top of the concrete is also recommended as it is easier to take care of. You can also check out the artificial grass samples from Tamigrass to inspire your home renovation project. 

You can also consider adding cabinets and shelves for storage, a well-equipped workshop, a small office and good lighting. You could even add a guest bedroom or a minibar. These ideas actually work the same for your garden shed. If you have one or plan to have one, you can keep your garage as a very nice and clean parking en shed to become your tool storage. space by resurfacing the floor, and design your garden.

If you have enough space in your shed, with some good lighting and a little tweak in designing, the garden shed can even be a mini guest house or your private playroom. Surrounded by the vibrant of green foliage, you will feel much more relaxed and energised.

These garages and backyard shed improvements will turn a room from an afterthought into a true part of your home. It is vital that homeowner choose the right kind of upgrades to make, to increase the value of their houses.

Update the Bathroom

Here you want to ensure that your bathroom is an inviting place that is clean and modern. New fixtures are not always expensive but can make a significant difference in how to renovate a room. New cabinets, faucets and even the lighting and scents can be all that is needed.

If a bathroom is really old you might consider replacing it completely in order to avoid old fixtures existing alongside bright shiny clean new ones.

Upgrade a Deck

Older homes often either do not have decks or the decks are so small that they are in effect little more than appendages that serve no real purpose. Today people are more likely to look for a house that offers them the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors simply by walking onto a deck.

Among the ways of adding considerable value to a home, therefore, is either to expand an existing deck or to build a new one. It should be big enough not just for one or two people to sit on, but also to entertain guests on a summer’s day. You might want to move a deck to another side of the house if the existing structure does not take advantage of the sun or the view.

A deck should be easy to access. If the deck is on the second or a higher floor, it should have a railing to be safe and to accord with the relevant housing codes. In some cases building a patio rather than a deck on the ground floor will also add considerable appeal to a house.

Add Insulation

Older homes without adequate insulation can incur sharply higher heating and cooling costs. Many home buyers will want to know how expensive it is to maintain the home and these costs will be crucial. Lowering them with new insulation, therefore, will be a considerable draw.

Brighten the Outside of the House

The outside of your home gives the first impression, which, as the saying goes, is the lasting one. Many are the stories of would-be homebuyers who have looked at the outside of a house for sale and driven away without even looking at the inside, which might have been completely remodelled.

Do all you can, therefore, to ensure that front of the house is attractive, whether it is mowing the lawn, trimming the hedge or painting the front of the house.

Final Thought: Value Will Grow

It is important to ensure that your house improvements are top quality. A house that is patched up with cheap alterations will be a turnoff for many prospective buyers. With these best renovations to add value to your home, the chances are that the house improvements will cost less than the value they will add to your home.

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Emily Lamp
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