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Looking for a Career Change? 3 Reasons You Should Consider the IT Field

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When you’re in a jam with your computer or another electronic device, you call the IT department. The information technology field has been and will continue to grow as technology has a greater impact on work and culture. While it’s exciting enough to observe from the sidelines, it can be even more thrilling if you’re actively participating in it. These are some good arguments for pursuing a career in IT.

A Growing Industry

While some industries go into decline or have to face major upheaval due to societal changes, the IT world is getting stronger. The Bureau of Labor estimates there will be a 12 percent increase in IT and computer-related jobs in the span of 2018 to 2028. This might not seem like a lot, but then you need to consider that this will be more than half-a-million jobs. Hundreds of billions of dollars are forecasted to be spent on IT services on a yearly basis. With an increasing demand for these roles to be filled, you should try to get to the front of the line.

Great Education ROI

Thanks to a very uncertain job market and rising educational expenses, incoming college students need to be very judicious when deciding what to major in. If you have a passion or at least an interest in studying information technology, knowing that it can lead to great career prospects should provide further encouragement. You can get a degree in information technology or something similar, like computer science. Work to build your resumé through making connections with your professors and landing internships. You could walk into a high-paying job right when you’re out of college if you play your cards right.

Constant Learning

IT is constantly full of surprises, even for people who’ve been in the industry for years. If you don’t want to be stuck in a career where every day feels the same, IT is the one for you. You’ll need to learn new terms, get familiar with the latest software, and deal with new types of problems. A career that is filled with troubleshooting might not sound enticing to all people, but if you’re a natural problem-solver, you’re built for IT. You might not know what “big data” or “IT governance” are now, but the thrill of being in IT is that you flex your mind on a regular basis and accumulate knowledge that’s impressive and necessary. 

You can be someone who averts a disaster or even helps to revolutionize our understanding of certain technologies. These things get to be so amazing not because of chance, but because of passionate individuals making something that matters.

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