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How Insect Infestations Damage Your Home

Home Educational How Insect Infestations Damage Your Home

Insect infestations are annoying at the best of times. The problem is, they can easily go beyond annoying and be responsible for causing significant problems for homeowners. Repairs can be expensive. Depending on the level of infestation, you may be required to leave your home for a time. Homes are pretty big places compared to insects though, so surely they don’t damage everything, right? Turns out, there isn’t much they can’t damage.

Structural Damage

One of the most commonly considered types of damage done by insect infestations is structural damage.Seemingly minor damage can quickly turn into serious problems for your home. This is compounded by the fact that by the time damage becomes noticeably visible, it’s probably already pretty severe. Insects like carpenter ants and termites eat through wood and drywall. Regularly inspect your home for signs of an infestation to have a better chance of identifying it before the damage becomes too severe.

Electrical Damage

Pests don’t just do structural damage though. They can also target your electrical system. This sort of damage more commonly comes from rodents like mice and rats, though some ant species are attracted to electrical wires as well. This does more than just create an annoying scenario where the homeowner has to replace damaged cords though. As these pests chew through the rubber casing, they expose and may damage the wiring underneath. This creates a pretty serious fire hazard. Regularly inspect your cables and cords to make sure they aren’t damaged. This is one of the ways you can prevent electrical fires from happening in your home.

Damaged Possessions

Insects don’t just target your house. They will also infest your belongings that make your house your home. Moths will cause damage to cloth. The same insects that worm their way into the woodwork of your home will do the same to your furniture. Silverfish may nibble on your books and papers, especially those in storage. It’s important to protect your belongings from insect infestations, just as much as it is important to protect the house itself. You’ve spent a lot of time, effort, and money on making this house your living space. You don’t want to let a bunch of insects ruin all of that, especially if those items they’re attracted to have sentimental value.

Insects and other pests can do a lot of damage to a home. They can compromise its structural integrity, tamper with electrical wiring, and damage your possessions. Awareness is your first line of defense against insect infestation, so knowing how damage can happen to your home is a great first step in preventing it.

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  1. It was really alarming to read all the things that simple pests like ants can damage in a house, especially electrical wirings. As someone who relies on a lot of electrical appliances and gadgets, I’ve been making absolutely sure to keep all of them intact so they won’t break and need replacements. The thought of ants biting into my computer chords and potentially starting a fire is truly scary, so I’ll go the extra mile and look for an ant exterminator in my area that can make sure none of them are living in my house.


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