Digital transformation in times of Covid-19

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    Enterprises across the world have been affected by the COVID-19 crisis, leading to uncertainty, social distancing, lockdown and for most businesses reduced working hours. The pandemic has shown a transition: the need to move from traditional to digital. The response of most organizations and leaders to this new environment, new customer demands, and expectations is encouraging.

    This has however, accelerated digital transformation a technological breakthrough focused connectivity and accessibility.

    As businesses start the journey to win the new customer there is a massive shift towards digital platforms and channels. Traditional enterprises will need to make sure that they fully participate in this shift rather than risk disruption from digital incumbents.

    Not surprising a study stated that “Covid-19 has caused more digital transformation in the last 1 month than we have seen in the last 20 years.”

    Digital-First Approach

    Every enterprise is more focused on the Digital-first strategy than it was before. Organizations must ensure they can continuously and efficiently improve their digital engagement strategies to keep the business running smoothly and securely.

    Prior to the pandemic, customer self-service was a great tool used by forward thinking companies. However, it is seen that this feature is now a top-priority for almost every enterprise across industries. The trend is here to stay!

    Driving digital transformation- a win-win situation for any enterprise

    With more and more enterprises working towards enhancing their customer engagement strategies using digital channels, the advantages of adopting the digital are obvious; from reduced cost of operations and improved customer experience to giving end users greater control over their interactions, digital customer engagement is the competitive advantage. While technology infrastructure continues to grow, there will be greater demand for contactless, paperless solutions.  Technology accelerators like AI are more essential than ever before.  Embarking on a digital transformation journey can simplify multiple processes with Remote working, interactive communications, video conferencing, embedded smart-links, digital application processing, and much more.

    Not just this, we know that data security with biometrics, user authentication, and compliance to regulatory norms etc has shown the reliability of digital platforms. To simply summarize, the COVID-19 crisis has created a unique opportunity. The business world today needs digital technology and digital transformation is only accelerating.

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